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Law of Evidence Bare Act

The law of evidence was established by the Indian government under the Indian Evidence Act of 1872. The act manages how evidence is presented in Indian courts.

Emergency Warning Light Laws for Maryland

Maryland has state laws on the use of Emergency Warning Lights.Orange warning light image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comEmergency Warning Lights are vehicular devices that alert other drivers of emergencies on the road. Rotating lights and strobe lights are common forms of Emergency...

Law Enforcement EOD Training

Homeland Security runs several training programs for the Enforcement Operations Division. Training involves agents and officers of more than 85 federal law enforcement agencies. The objective of the courses is to improve law enforcement operations and technology capabilities. All courses combine cla

Probation Conditions in Wisconsin

Wisconsin probationers must abide by state rules.Wisconsin state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comWhen someone in Wisconsin is convicted of a crime, the court may impose a range of penalties, including fines, imprisonment or probation. Wisconsin...

What Are the Different Types of Probation?

When you are convicted of crime, probation is almost always going to be part of your sentence. Probation essentially means the state is keeping watch over you to ensure you are complying with the law and any other terms of your probation. Probation can involve a variety of terms with a variety of re

How to Document Police Abuse

The police have a specific responsibility to protect and serve the public. Stringent screenings and extensive training help prepare law enforcement personnel for their jobs. But sometimes, inappropriate candidates make it through the screening process. Other times, according to the book, "Police Vio

Pros & Cons of a Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen act as advocates for a person that has bail associated with his arrest. Personal and financial factors play roles in the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a bail bondsman.

What Is Exonerated Bail?

Bond is set in criminal cases as extra assurance that the arrested person will return to court on the scheduled day. People who do so are given back their bond money. In this event, it becomes an exonerated bail.

Definition of Shock Probation

Shock probation is a sentencing alternative available in most jurisdictions in the United States. Courts on the federal, state and local levels utilize shock probation as a sentencing alternative in certain criminal cases. The laws or ordinances of these jurisdictions establish how shock probation w

The Statute of Limitations for a Probation Violation

A judge may grant a criminal offender probation instead of a prison term. Sometimes, however, the offender refuses to abide by the probation terms or commits a new crime while on probation. The supervising probation officer will then file a probation violation with the court.

How to Look up Free Police Records

Free police records are generally public law information that is available to anyone who inquires, and there are a number of methods of going about that. Free police records are able to help you figure out if someone was taken into custody at some point or inform yourself on the details of a crime

Where to Get Police Report Conviction Information

There are several direct and indirect methods for obtaining copies of police reports or conviction records, but before you begin your search, it is helpful to obtain an individuals full name, date of birth and social security number, if possible.

How to File a Police Report in Frederick, MD

Anyone can be a crime victim, and a victim or witness to a crime should always report the incident to the police. In Frederick, MD, the police department has a procedure for crime victims and witnesses to follow.

Prison Guard Safety

Prisons are an unusual situation. Prison guards (also known as correctional officers or detention officers) work with assault perpetrators and even murderers on a day-to-day basis. Many prisoners are able to create innovative weapons out of supposedly harmless items. Prison guards are often targets

How to Shorten Probation

When a person commits a crime, he may be eligible for probation, as opposed to prison, in some cases. Probation allows a criminal offender the opportunity to work, spend time with family and friends and learn to lead a productive, crime-free life. During his probation term, he must follow the requir

Why Probate a Will?

WillA will is an individual's express intention of how she wants her property to be divided and distributed at death.NecessityBefore the deceased's property can be distributed according to the will, the will must be probated--presented before the probate court to be administered and...

What Happens After Your Parents Die If You Are a Minor?

In most states, children are minors until age 18. For children who have lost both parents before reaching adulthood, the state government offers options like guardianship and adoption for the children to pursue. Guardianship is a legal status in which an adult receives physical and financial control

Why Does a Victim of a Crime Have to Go to Court?

The Bill of Rights clearly outlines the rights that every citizen is entitled to. The Fifth and Sixth Amendments guarantee that every person accused of a crime, has the right to a fair trial and the right to question any witnesses. The victim is usually the key witness for the prosecution and not al

Effects of Prison Overcrowding

An overcrowded prison is known to cause psychological damage to the inmates. Having more prisoners than a correctional facility can really accommodate means that some of them will develop patterns of anti-social behavior, which may lead to violence. Some prisoners are affected differently. They can