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Which Cities Were Bombed by the Nazis in WWII?

Germany -- unlike its main adversaries -- neither planned nor developed a heavy bomber before or during World War II that was designed to fly long distances and deliver heavy payloads, according to World War II Database. The main aircraft used was the Heinkel HE 111 that was designed for military an

Military Discounts in Restaurants

Restaurants honor those that serve.at the restaurant image by Dmitry Nikolaev from Fotolia.comThere are many hotels, theme parks, cell phone companies and restaurants that offer military discounts. Businesses close to military bases are more likely to offer discounts to get business from...

Gasoline Underground Storage Tank Components

After World War II, the number of people buying and using automobiles skyrocketed in America. In order to help meet fuel demand, fueling stations sprung up all across the country, and these stations used underground storage tanks for the gasoline they sold. These original tanks, due to...

A Brief History of the US Army Rangers

The US Army Rangers are an elite group of 2000 highly trained combat soldiers that is comprised of three Rifle Battalions and one Special Troops Battalion. Although the headquarters is in Fort Benning, Georgia, they are trained to be quickly deployed, within eighteen hours notice, to anywhere in the

Hitler and Rommel, Friends Together

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was a famous general during World War II.  He was one man who became a legend in his life time. It is beside the point that he never won any significant victory which had a lasting effect, yet most people feel that he was a 'great' general.

How to Get a Concealed Weapons Permit in Washington State

The state of Washington allows firearms owners to carry a concealed pistol so long as they possess the required license. Other firearms, such as shortened shotguns, are not permitted to be concealed. These licenses are strictly controlled and come with strict requirements. If these requirements are

How to Find Enlistment Documents From the Civil War

Enlistment documents for soldiers who fought in the U.S. Civil War (1861-65), are among the 6 million military records held in the National Archives in Washington. The collection includes all original service records and other information for each of the Civil War's nearly 3 million soldiers. Online

Navy Boot Camp Information

The Navy boot camp is essential for transforming new civilian recruits into United States Navy sailors who are capable of defending the nation at sea. The boot camp not only trains recruits physically, but also mentally by putting them through a rigorous and demanding training curriculum.

Is Russia Using Cyber Attacks As Part of Its Military?

It appears that before the separatist nation of Georgia was attacked from air strikes and the Russian military, their computer networks were hacked. Interestingly, enough it has been well known that many hackers are based in Russia, but apparently, this hack attack on Georgia was a little too coinci

Naval Sea Mine Detonation System for Straits of Hormuz

One of the big concerns of military planners and those in the Pentagon is that if there is a war with Iran, yes, there's no doubt we will win it, and probably quite decisively, which is a very scary thought for such a proud nation with strong nationalism like Iran - but the concern is that Iran

Big Blow to Insurgency in Iraq; Troop Levels to Stay thru 2010

Just when the insurgency in Iran was getting a little juice from Iran and watching the US Politics, it appeared the insurgency was making headway in the World Media to get America to leave so they could claim victory and take over Iraq.

What Happens During Basic Combat Training?

In 2010, basic combat training expanded from a nine week period to 10 weeks. During this time, soldiers train in more than just combat. They are also taught about Army values, as these form the backbone of the training. This training will teach soldiers to apply these values to their combat training

French/US Alliance in the American Revolution

As the American Revolution intensified, it became evident that the Continental Congress would need to forge alliances and seek foreign aid in order for them triumph against the British. Following the Declaration of Independence in the month of July 1776, a template was formulated for prospective com

How to Transition From Active Duty to Reserve

For many soldiers, the transition from active duty to the military reserve force may require a period of adjustment as they get used to living a different kind of life. Once an enlisted soldier's contract is completed, there is typically a commitment of a number of years with the National Guard or R

Who Are The Hungary Special Forces?

The Hungary Special Forces are called the Hungary Home Defense Force and are a combination of the Hungarian Air Force and the Hungarian Ground Force. They currently consist of about 30,000 personnel.

African American Patriotism in the Civil War

President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which actually contained 2 executive orders. The first was on September 22, 1862 which declared freedom for all slaves in the Confederate States and the second order was put into effect on January 1, 1863 that named 10 States that did no

Famous American Revolutionary War Generals

The American Revolutionary War was led by generals with great vision, ambition and personality. These men were from all over the European world and the lands it controlled: Germany, France, England and the colonies. From the traitorous to the courageous, these men left an indelible mark on the milit

How to Set a Veterans Memorial Plaque

If you know that an unmarked grave is the final resting place of a war veteran and that veteran is eligible, you can apply for a free Veterans Memorial Plaque which will be shipped to anywhere in the world. The plaques must be permanently fixed to the grave site. The gravestone is considered unmarke

Look and Feel Like a Military Officer by Using Military Camo Gear

I remember when I was at the battlefield donned in a full battle camo gear trying to infiltrate the base of the terrorist. My troops and I are on a mission to save a hostage kept by the group somewhere in their base. The terrorists were alarmed when they saw our troop and they started to fire their