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What Makes Up an Egyptian Coin?

Modern Egypt's monetary system, like that of most modern countries, utilizes both printed paper bills and coins. Today, most countries use coins for smaller denominations of value. The United States, for example, breaks its smallest bill, the dollar, into pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Egypt

What Are the Voting Rights of Native Americans?

The United States has a long history of initially denying certain ethnic groups full equality under the law, but eventually extending equal rights and protections to every new group. This list includes African Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans. While today Native Americans have full vo

Does the Neo Conservatism Wiki-Pedia Definition Hold Water?

If one goes to the famous Wikipedia online and looks up various political terms, it is amazing what they find. For instance, if you are to lookup neoconservativism, or neocon you would get an array of names, and conspiracy theories, lots of circumstantial evidence, with no citations to prove any of

Most Favored Ice Cream Flavors

Even children prefer some ice cream flavors to others.i love ice cream! image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comAbout 50 or 60 years ago people had a fairly good idea which ice cream flavors were most favored by the American public. Now precise information is available. On the basis of a...

Facts on Immigration Issues

America is consumed with how to deal with the overwhelming immigration problem we are facing, but many Americans do not realize the struggles immigrants go through to provide for their families. While it is true we have seen the largest numbers of illegal immigration in the history of America, it is

I'M Tired And That Is Why I Voted Republican For The First Time In My Life

This article reviews the reason why the 57 year old author voted for Republicans for national office for the first time in his life in these mid-term elections. The reasons for this unforeseen behavior are many and include the ever rising national debt burden, the ineffective economic policies of th

Modern Day Liberalism and the Prevention of Truth

Modern day liberals tell us that they want honesty and integrity and truth? Interesting comments, yet it smells of hypocrisy if you follow their actions. With modern day liberalism, you cannot say the truth as it might offend, you must deny your observations and give up free thought unless they tell

Now is the Time For a High Speed Rail

Michigan needs a game-changer right now. While nothing can be a cure-all, a high speed rail system being brought to Michigan through federal dollars is worth pursuing. Michigan, like most states, does not have the money for such an endeavor, so it would have to come from Washington.

How to Tell if He's Going to Propose

Life brings moments when you must make decisions that will forever change the way you live it. Marriage is one of those pivotal moments, and preparing for it can save you a lifetime of worry. One of the biggest preparations for marriage is finding a life partner who is ready to propose to you and kn

Recycling The Mentally Ill

The plight of the mentally ill is described in terms of their movement from the State Hospitals to homelessness and now to prisons.

POW/MIA Flag Protocol

The POW/MIA flag was created in 1971 by the National League of Families to represent U.S. troops who were taken prisoner of war or went missing in action during the Vietnam War. The flag is black and white and features a person's silhouette, a guard tower and barbed wire, along with the phrases "POW

Who Was Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was an extremely influential president. He was elected to four terms and did many things to help America through trying times. Unfortunately, FDR died before he could finish his fourth term in the White House, but not without first changing the United States in many ways.

The World Is Watching Chinese Military Growth

The Chinese government has begun an unprecedented military buildup in recent years. They certainly have the right to do whatever they feel that they need to do but I believe that the buildup needs to be a cause for concern for the United States and the rest of the world.

The Separation Of Church And State Agenda

Most discussions opposing the role of Christianity in the United States arise from an abyss of ignorance so deep as to be unfathomable. You can endlessly drop boulders into this chasm of intellectual darkness without ever hearing one hit bottomSpeaking with certitude, people insist our Constitution

Modi Comes Under Attack Of Congress

“Rs 50-crore girlfriend”, this statement was given by Narendra Modi to Shashi Tharoor for his wife. A chief minister utters something like this. Does it suits him? Never expected from the Indian politician to come down to such level. Such personal cheap comments are not acceptable.

What Happens in a Court Judgment?

A court judgment grants certain legal rights to the person on whose behalf the court issues such a judgment. The party against whom the court issues a judgment may experience such consequences as having the judgment placed on her credit reporting record and having assets seized to satisfy the judgme

Sarah Palin - Too Good For Us

Sarah Palin has obviously struck a chord with a large swath of the American people, and the obvious question that comes up is...."Will She run"?I have a feeling she won't run but will be campaigning for the Party leader and once again will be more popular than the Presidential candida

Another Reason McCain Must Not Win!

Last January I turned 50 years old. It had quite and effect on me as I studied what I have accomplished and endured in my life. But mostly it gave me a new appreciation that I am still here. I am still with my wife and daughter, still able to share laughter with my friends, and help elect Barack Oba

President Andrew "I Killed the Bank" Jackson, Where Art Thou?

It's about economics and politics...."I'm sorry, but he knew about our getting hit...on three big machines in a row and he did nothing about it. That means, either he was in on it or he was too dumb to see what was goin' on. Either way, I cannot have a man like that working here.