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States That Regulate Viatical or Life Settlements

Many U.S. states do not regulate life settlements.america map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comIn 1993, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners adopted the Model Viatical Settlement Act to protect a special class of terminally ill people. It was expanded in 2001 to...

Purpose of a Reading Portfolio

A reading portfolio does not have to be an elaborate binder. A simple file folder that charts a student's reading progress will suffice. A teacher should individually record each student by name and include progress or help needed.

How to Use a Secondary Health Insurance as a Medigap Insurance

Medicare insurance was created to give seniors an opportunity to receive quality health care without financial ruin. It soon became obvious that the program had shortfalls in the coverage that it provided. Congress then authorized private insurance companies to step in and offer seniors

Types of Premiums for Life Insurance

Life insurance can be paid for in one of several different ways. Premium payments represent the cost of insurance. Depending on what type of insurance policy you choose, you may have several ways to pay for premiums.

Affordable Life Insurance - Ideal for All

Affordable Life Insurance is very important so that the premiums are within your reach and you can afford the policy that you are taking. One should look around thoroughly and check out Affordable Life Insurance ...

Invest in Life Insurance, Invest in Peace of Mind

To the uninitiated, Life Insurance is often a blur of paperwork associated with minimum liquidity but maximum security. To the well informed, Life Insurance serves as a liquid, robust investment with moderate to high returns, ...

Comprehending Whole Life Insurance Benefits

Once you've got children, you'll need whole life insurance. Your family members rely upon your wages, and if something should happen to you, you really need to be sure they're taken care of financially. Whole ...

Permanent Whole Life Insurance Definition

One of the first decisions anyone in the market for life insurance must make is whether to choose term or permanent whole life. While term life insurance is cheaper, permanent whole life offers additional benefits. You must understand what those benefits are and then decide whether permanent whole l

Can One Borrow From a Life Insurance Policy?

ElectionWhen a policyholder elects to borrow against her policy, she will need to contact her agent or a customer service representative of her life insurance company. Ask an agent or customer service representative of the cash value amount and how much can be borrowed.StipulationsThere...

Benefits of Online Life Insurance Quotes

The current society needs one to catch up with some information technology knowledge so that they can be able to keep up with the current technology craze. Internet is one of those technologies that need ...

IRS Rules for Cashing an Inherited Life Insurance Policy

You need to understand the rules for cashing in a life insurance policy.tax forms image by Chad McDermott from Fotolia.comLife insurance is a financial contract between a policyholder and a life insurance company. Two other individuals are part of the policy as well: the insured and the...

Divorce insurance could be coming soon

Life Quotes, Inc. Insurance policies help keep people on a sound financial footing when all sorts of catastrophes strike - floods, death of a spouse, even job loss. One insurance maverick wants to add another ...

Ensure Your Child Has a Bright Future

We will go to any limit to make sure our children have access to the best resources we can give them, but are we making sure that they will have access to the best opportunities? ...

Are Accident Insurance Proceeds Taxable?

Employers often provide employees with a variety of benefits, in addition to wages and salaries, such as accident and health benefits that can provide compensation if sickness, disabilities and injuries occur. Whether accident insurance proceeds are considered taxable income depends on who pays for

What Is Legal Guardianship Financial Responsibility?

People do not always have the capacity to make competent decisions. Minors and some adults, such as those with dementia or Alzheimer's, need someone to act in their best interests. Sometimes a legal guardian is necessary. Legal guardians may have some degree of financial responsibility, depending on