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4 Common Categories of Durable Medical Equipment

Caregivers and patients use Durable Medical Equipment (DME) in intensive care, acute care, outpatient care, rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient facilities, as well as long-term care, nursing homes, and skilled nursing facilities.

Wheelchair - Prison or Portal?

The wheelchair does not have to be a place where one is confined. Rather, some people find ways to turn their chair into a portal for new opportunities.

Walker or Rollator?

Before you make a decision on whether to buy your first rollator or walker, learn about the features and benefits of each of these two types of mobility and walking aids.

Pediatric Wheelchair Choices

When searching for a wheelchair for your child, start here to understand what features to consider.

5 Medical Supplies Useful for Senior Care

Learn about 5 medical supplies you'll want to have on hand to prevent the majority of healthcare acquired conditions that plague senior patients while under hospital care.

A Shopper's Guide to Canes

Learn about the basic cane types available to make sure you're an educated cane shopper.