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How to Connect PC Studio to a Samsung Highlight

Samsung PC Studio is a computer application that allows you to manage and synchronize the data stored on several different models of Samsung cellphones, including the Samsung Highlight available from T-Mobile. To use Samsung PC Studio with your Highlight, you must first change the Highlight's defaul

How to Use a Droid Barcode Scanner for Inventory

The Android-based Droid smartphone line can use the cellphone camera as a barcode scanner, through the use of several applications that provide bar code databases for use. You can use the barcode scanner to keep track of your own inventory through the application on your phone. An already created ba

Unlock Blackberry

Unlocking allows user to choose any network service provider from anywhere in the world. Here you just have to insert a different SIM card to phone while changing the service provider. Unlockingplanet.com is one of the best sites which gives you Blackberry unlock codes instantly after payment.

Cheap Motorola V9- Keep Your Cell Phone Always New

The users who want to keep their cell phone spotless can choose the best mobile phone in form of Cheap Motorola V9 [http://www.threestores-three.co.uk/LG-U990-Viewty-Silver.html] because the mentioned mobile phone comes with stainless strong body along with ...

Sms Scheduling To Never Forget Your Appointments

SMS scheduler can help you send SMS automatically at a pre-set time at regular intervals. You can choose the date, time and duration on which you need to send the SMS. You can choose to send plain text message, text message with Unicode, OTA pictures, contact entries, calendar entries and even WAP b

International Calls - Choices and Options

You may not know this but only a few decades back, international calls were very expensive. In fact, when adjusted for inflation it was not uncommon for a short international call to cost what would be in today's money $50 or more.

Reverse Cell Phone Directory

Cell phone numbers are harder to find than normal land line numbers. This is why they have reverse cell phone directories.

5 Of the Best Accessories for the iPhone 6

There's a lot of ranting and raving about Apple's new phone, the iPhone 6. It's an expensive piece of technology that almost everyone wants. Here are the best accessories for the Apple iPhone 6.

Considering Unlocking your Phone? Here’s the Truth

Whenever there's a swanky new mobile phone worth drooling after, there's an attached baggage of a locked operator. How often have you given up on the cool new phone just because it comes leashed with ...

Get Totally Blown Away by the BlackBerry Torch 9860

In general when people think of BlackBerry mobile phones, what comes into mind are QWERTY keyboards. However, the fact that the old models were kind of dull inspired the manufacturers to design a fresh model that features a jazzed up image.

Nokia N97 - The Gem

This one mobile device can help you change the world for the better. Having this mobile phone will not only allow you to become reliable yourself, it will also allow you to achieve all your goals in life without experiencing much difficulty. The Nokia N97 is definitely one powerful weapon that you c

Nokia N86 8mp: World At Your Feet

Mobile phones have become a very important part of our life we cannot even think of living without our mobile phones. Every day, a lot of handsets are launched with different features and because of it we get confused that what to buy and what not to buy but Nokia being pioneers in the communication

Latest Gadgets-Make a Toss before Buying One

21st century is the time of science and technology. Everyday, we are getting new and sophisticated devices which are capable of handling multi-tasks simultaneously. Let us take the example of the mobile phone. A mobile phone can be used as a camera, music player, gaming device, web explorer, currenc

Cherish Bygone Moments-Nokia N95

One of the most anticipated and coveted handsets of the year 2007, the Nokia N95 is a device par excellence. The abundance of features is evident and so is the pre-eminence of its imaging capabilities. It becomes really difficult to decide where to begin from when you start talking about the phones