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Glasses For Computer Use - Computer Glasses

If You Spend Long Hours in Front of a Computer, You May Want to Get Computer Glasses, Whether or not You Have to Wear Corrective Lenses. Computer Vision Syndrome Can Cause a Multitude of Symptoms, Lea

Be Aware Of Those Killer Lights

GB Ads is a compact online “Advertising Portal” where you can place your ads and flourish your business. As a customer centric business portal we at GB ads take this opportunity to share our views on the issue of marketing and branding of natural products and their claim to exclusive pro

Dry Eye

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of dry eye including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

The Simple Truth About What Causes Eye Strain

Eyestrain means different things to different people. It can be experienced as burning, tightness, sharp pains, dull pains, watering, blurring, dry eye, headaches, and other sensations, depending on the person.

Orthokeratology Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology contact lenses also named as Ortho-k lenses, Overnight Vision lenses or Corneal Therapy lenses are the type of lenses that are used to reduce the hazard of corneal complications such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Repairing corneal-related is

Refractive Errors - Eye Condition- We Care Health Services

If one is not able to differentiate between day and night then in spite of having all amenities of luxury around him, his life will be rendered useless.. That time, we know the importance of eyes.A refractive error is a condition of the eye in which a clear image fails to focus on the retina due to

Effect of Anti-glaucoma Medications on Tear Osmolarity

Are patients on chronic topical anti-glaucoma medication, as well as post-trabeculectomy patients, more likely to have raised tear film osmolarity and dry eye symptoms suggestive of ocular surface disease? This new study investigates.

Over Glasses - Turn Your Spectacles Into Sunglasses

Over Glasses are an extremely cost effective way for spectacle wearers to obtain protection from the sun. They are practical, stylish, always ready to wear and perfect for people who want the benefits of complete sun protection whilst wearing their own prescription glasses. This article provides an

Computer Reading Glasses

As more people spend hours each day in front of their computers, quality computer reading glasses are becoming more and more a necessity. This is because they are experiencing more eye strain and fatigue. Known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), this condition can affect people of all ages who spend

Buying And Using Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Bored of your regular look and want some changes? There are lots of ways that can help you in making a new start by adding a spice into your life.

Eyeglasses for Aging Eyes

As we age the lenses in our eyes go from being soft and supple to becoming a bit more hard and in-flexible. This condition is called presbyopia but it is more commonly known as getting old. The older we get the more we lose our ability to focus on things that are close up like reading material.