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What Is the Impact of Marriage on a Credit History?

Getting married does not impact your credit history nor does it affect your credit score according to the FICO scoring guidelines. However, holding a joint account, with your spouse or anyone else, may affect your credit history.

Refinancing Help for Senior Citizens

Generations ago, homeowners lived in the same house for decades and many paid off their mortgages. These days, it's not so easy. Underwater mortgages, foreclosures and fallout from economic uncertainty have dramatically affected the way homeowners are dealing with unique home-debt issues. No populat

About Self Directed IRA Custodians

Starting a self-directed IRA can provide you with a way to have more control over what you invest in for your IRA. Instead of only putting your money into the normal stocks and bonds, you can put your money into many other things like real estate and FOREX. To make this possible, you have to use an

Consult With the Leading Financial Planner Fairfax Today

It is always very important to plan for the future and the best way to do this is by consulting a financial expert. Finance consults are knowledgeable individuals with the capacity to advice clients sufficiently. ...

Why Expenses Software Becomes Important With Reporting

Indeed, income and expense spreadsheet is something really important. But, to complete things, you must also have the leading budget software program that can give you the reporting choices that you need. Are you aware ...

How to Shop for Groceries at Wholesale Warehouses

The first time you shop at a wholesale warehouse, you will probably spend a lot of money. Most of it will be for staple items that you'll always want to have on hand at your house. The good news is that you won't have to shop for those items for a long time because you'll have bought them in bulk. E

How to Get a Cheap Cell Phone Service

Learn how to get cheap cell phone service by using this step by step guide. Getting a good deal on cell phone service requires matching your cell phone needs to the right cell phone service plan.

Social Security Benefits for a Spouse/Caregiver

Your spouse is eligible to receive benefits such as retirement, survivors or disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Spousal benefits depend on how much you made during your years of working. There are several requirements spouses must meet to receive benefits as a spouse, howev

Why Do Some Employers Check Credit Reports?

Financial institutions want to check a borrower's credit: to ensure he is responsible with money. Employers, on the other hand, check credit so they can make a character -based assessment of a possible employee. They can infer many things about a person based on their credit.

How to Turn in Coins for Cash

When you have a lot of coins that need to be cashed in, you may encounter resistance from merchants. After all, it's a very time-consuming task. For that reason, it is best to organize your own coins as you save them. If you fail to organize "as you go," there are places that will still allow you to

How to Prepare General Ledger Accounts for Budgetary Accounts

Two things that are needed when implementing effective money management are maintaining accurate accounting records and budgeting. Incidentally, these are the two things that people have a hard time doing when dealing with their monthly expenses. That is why recording budgetary accounts in a general

How Will Getting Married Affect My SSI Benefits?

Adults in the United States may receive Social Security benefits if they are disabled or over the age of 65. When a person who receives Social Security gets married, the Social Security Administration may reduce his benefits if a spouse earns more than a certain amount of money. The Social Security

Laws on Student Loans in Bankruptcy After Seven Years

The United States Bankruptcy Code classifies student loans as non-dischargeable debts. In most cases, you can't be exempt from paying them back. Under the Higher Education Technical Amendments passed by Congress in 1991, there is no statute of limitations on student loans either. Even if it's been s

Benefits of Waiting to Collect Social Security

A lifetime of work allows the American worker to retire with Social Security retirement benefits paid monthly. Whether there is enough money to live comfortably is the question facing older workers, and the answer is that there probably is not. Even if Social Security holds without significant chang

How To Set Up a Local Union Bank Account

Union Bank offers several services for its customers including online banking and bill payment, insurance, loans and credit cards, investments and brokerage, and foreign exchange services. Account options include savings accounts and checking accounts along with youth banking accounts. Union Bank ac

The State of Florida's Bad Check Laws

Passing a worthless check can lead to fines and jail time.check and pen in close up image by Alexey Klementiev from Fotolia.comUnder Florida's criminal code, it is a crime to draw, deliver, pass or obtain property or services with a check or bank instrument from an account that you know...

IRA Direct Rollover Rules

The Internal Revenue Service has established rules governing the tax-free direct rollover of assets in a qualified retirement plan into a traditional IRA. In a direct rollover, all proceeds of a withdrawal are transferred directly to the trustee of your IRA. If your expected rollovers total less tha