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10 Bird Gifts for Non-Birders

A list of 10 bird-themed gifts you can give to non-birders to share your passion and still give them a gift they can appreciate and enjoy. Includes items for adults and children.

How to Stop Feeding Wild Birds

Feeding wild birds is an interesting and rewarding hobby enjoyed by many people. Attracting a variety of birds to one's yard can be a challenging, yet enjoyable activity. The conventional wisdom has always suggested that once you start to feed wild birds you must not stop because they come to depend

How to Locate an African Grey in North Carolina

The African Grey Parrot is considered one of the most intelligent animal species due to ability to comprehend and understand human language and mimic the calls of various other animals. The Grey is one of the most popular type of exotic animals-turned-domesticated pets. It originates from Central an

How to Identify Different Duck Breeds

Ducks are interesting birds that you can keep for a variety of purposes, including egg production, as pets or for their meat. Several different types of duck breeds are available to choose from, based on your need. Each duck type has unique care and feeding requirements. If you are keen to rear duck

Hotel Mocking Bird Hill

Review of accommodations, dining and birding experiences at Hotel Mocking Bird Hill in Jamaica, including tips for visiting birders and examples of bird species likely to be seen at the property.

Information on the Forti Diet

The Forti Diet is a series of products from pet food manufacturer Kaytee. The food consists of ingredients that help your pets stay healthy. The company began releasing the products into pet stores in 2008, along with its other offerings.

How to Feed Finches in the Mountains

Wild finches are prevalent in many mountainous areas around the world. The two most common variations of wild finch, the house finch and the wild zebra finch, travel in small flocks from southern Canada to southern Mexico. Small and normally gray or brown, wild finches blend in with their surroundin

What Kind of Fruit for a Parakeet?

Parakeets are beautiful, active birds that still live wild in the Australian outback. There they eat a variety of food, including naturally occurring fruits. In captivity, however, parakeets are usually fed seeds and formulas that don't provide the same variety as their natural diet. Parakeet owners

What Do Wild Peacocks Eat?

The proper name for a male peafowl is peacock. Females are referred to as peahens. Peafowl are related to pheasants.

How to Introduce a New Rooster

If you keep hens and want fertile eggs, then you must keep at least one rooster, and more than one, if you have a large flock. Many country dwellers also enjoy being woken up by the sound of the rooster in the morning and you can have a fascinating time observing the rooster's behavior, particularly

Acclimating New Birds

Transition of a bird moving to a new home, whether a hand fed baby just adopted to a new home or an older bird going to a second home. This is a stressful time for any bird, but you can help lessen the strife and make the move easier for both your new bird and the rest of the family.

Wren Identification Tips

Tips for how to identify wrens, including the best field equipment to use, field marks to watch for and other characteristics that can help with wren identification.

How to Make Finch Feeders

Finches are one of the most social and colorful birds in North America. Placing a finch feeder in the backyard invites these colorful birds to safely enter and remain for the family to enjoy. You can make a feeder out of items you have around the house. For the best results, consider purchasing spec

Types of Buzzards

A buzzard is a raptor in the genus Buteo with broad wings and a round tail. It is a medium-sized bird of prey, with many varieties. Buzzards are known as hawks in North America. Regardless of their name, they all use heavy wing strokes to soar as they hunt for food.

The Best Bantams for a Small Yard

Bantam chickens offer a fowl-raising option for homeowners with small backyards. True bantams are miniature chickens with no standard-sized equivalent, although some varieties of conventional chickens are bred as bantam-sized birds and offer the same benefits to owners of small properties. There are

Bird Watching on Vacation

Tips for finding new birds during a vacation, even if the travel isn't planned specifically for birding.

How to Take Care of Cockatiel Birds

Native to Australia, the cockatiel is the smallest member of the cockatoo family. In the wild, they are often found in cities near people and are not easily spooked. Pet cockatiels exhibit these same traits; they easily get along with people and are not easily intimidated. In fact, they can be quit

A DIY Wood Plan for a Brainteaser Puzzle

Puzzles have fascinated people for millennia. They have been used for amusement, to pass time and to taunt friends. Brainteasers stretch the reasoning, logic and conceptual skills of the person trying to solve them. Make your own brainteaser puzzle to baffle your family and friends with this simple