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Things to Consider For a Chicken Coop Design

When it comes to building designs and plans, architects, contractors, and builders are usually the only ones concerned. However, when it comes to spending on a facility, the money should be worth all the expenses that will be incurred. Thus, an owner needs to take an active part in the preliminary s

Planning and Making a Chicken Tractor in Your Backyard

Chicken tractors are a simple and effective solution to many problems that a backyard poultry farmer experiences while raising chicken. Chicken tractors are easy and cheap to make, keep the poultry safe from predators and provides housing for them to live in. If you find yourself incapable of invest

Pygmy Goat Jealousy Can Be So Cruel

Jealousy can be such a huge driver of pygmy goat behaviors when it comes to interacting with the humans.But is Charlie only paranoid when he thinks Ella is getting too close or is someone really taking his place in line?

2 Crucial Tips When Choosing Your Chicken House Plans

You might find yourself looking at the different chicken house plans available, but before you make a decision there are a couple of things you should know. In this article you will find two crucial tips you need must know before choosing the right chicken house plans...

Getting Help For The Egg Bound Chicken

An egg bound chicken is in danger of dying and will need expert help to relieve the situation. There are traditional methods of helping the egg bound chicken however they are not always successful.

The Best Hen House Plans For The Money Can Be Found Easily Online

Using hen house plans has to be the best way to make sure that you get chicken housing to be proud of and that suits both you and your chickens requirements perfectly. The trick here is to find some that are easily available at a good price and you can do it very easily if you know where to look.

Can I Keep Chickens?

Although chickens have been domesticated as early as 3000bc, people still ask the question, can I keep chickens? The answer is plain and simple YES, (although some thought and planning needs to be put in place first). When it comes to chickens there are so many interesting breeds and colourful varie

Happy Hens, Happy Farmer

Everyone works more productively when they're happy. The same goes for hens. The happier your hens are the more they'll produce.

Is Raising Quail With Other Animals Acceptable?

Raising quail with any other animals is a very bad idea. One of you biggest concerns when raising quail is disease that results in death. When you expose your quail to other animals, the chances of disease and death increase dramatically.

Should You Build a Simple Chicken Coop?

Chickens live about five to ten years depending on the breed, so deciding to raise chickens is a commitment. Although they're not cuddly pets...

Let Chickens Power a Chicken Tractor Around Your Garden Or Farm

Building a chicken tractor is not only a way to raise your chickens in a safe and healthy environment, but also an excellent way to take care of the manual work that is usually done with standard tractor machinery. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of a chicken tractor, how to construct

Chicken Wire - A Creation From the Matrix

Chicken wire may have originated in the Matrix, with its otherworldly characteristics. But for chicken growers, there are really 4 essential features you need to know about when you work with chicken wire.