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Painted Hermit Crab Shells a Health Hazard?

As the owner of many such crabs myself, it is easy to want to purchase the painted hermit crab shells, with their mesmerizing colors, unique designs, and sometimes artistic applications like puppet eyes pasted to the shell that you would find at your local art store. It's fun for the kids, it l

How Squirrels Live and Eat

Squirrels are a type of rodents that we commonly see running around our neighborhood or parks. This is because they prefer to live in trees and feed off of the vegetation in the area. When you are asked, "What does a squirrel eat" the first answer that is sure to come into your mind are nu

Tips to Know Before You Adopt a Ferret

So you want to or at least you are thinking about taking that first step to adopt a ferret. If this is so you will be happy to know that you have plenty of options on which to decide of where you are going to source your new pet. Because of this you are given the chance on whether to get him from a

10 Most Common Questions About Ferret Kits

Baby ferrets, or kits, as they're also called, are delightful little creatures boosting strong personalities and a lot of energy. As such, many people that want to buy a ferret, think of starting off fresh with a baby ferret.

How to Care For Pet Ferrets Properly

There are many ways on how to care for pet ferrets. However, to make things simple for you, there are certain areas that need to be prioritized. There are no classes for pet owners and there certainly are no do-over's when it comes to caring for pets but there is such thing as a learning curve

The Problem of Painted Hermit Crab Shells

A common nature of all the different species of hermit crabs is their shells. The dependence of a hermit crab to a snail shell can be traced back to the fact that the little crustaceans need to protect their soft abdominal region and also to the natural shyness of the little hermits. Their shells ar

Tips to Remember Before Bringing Your New Ferret Home

Before you buy or adopt a pet you need to prepare yourself and the house for the animal. A ferret is a loving and energetic animal. It is small and fluffy and hence care must be taken to prepare the house for this tiny creature. Just as your would prepare to welcome a baby into your household you al

How to Choose a Healthy Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures, so it is best to start out with just one hedgehog for a pet. Hedgehogs do not like to share a cage.

Picking a PotBelly Pig As Your Pet - The Pros & Cons

There are many reasons why so many people have turned to the potbellied pigs as pets. Research has indicated that they are among the most intelligent of animals and as a result make very interesting pets for humans.They are also very sociable beings and like to make friends. In fact your pet pig cou

Fun Ferret Facts

Ferret's friendly personalities and fun behaviors make them truly enjoyable pets to have. They are great for urban environments or apartments and have become a great alternative to traditional pets.

Iguana Enclosures

Even before you consider purchasing an iguana, you must consider its needs for a proper home.Since the iguana's health is dependent on the actual environment that he lives in, it is essential that this part of the process happen first, before anything else.

Hermit Crab Pet

Today, many people are realizing that hermit crabs make wonderful pets. They are surprisingly personable, yet they are also easy to care for. Many families opt for hermit crabs over dogs and cats, which require a lot more care, and aquariums, which limit interactions.

Ferret Care For the New Ferret Owner

Ferrets are not like most pets. They need to be free to roam, but they also need to be supervised while roaming. You need to be willing to spend time with your ferret every day for them to thrive.

Why Ferrets Make Good Pets

There are so many reasons why ferrets make good pets and if you come down to a pet store that sells these little furry miracles, you will find out for yourself. For the most part, ferrets are much like any other pet like dogs and cats. However, there are certain peculiarities that you will easily no

Average Ferret Prices

The price of the ferret is the common question every ferret buyer asks before buying their pet. Ferrets are available for different prices depending on their breed and the store or the breeder from which you buy a ferret. Cost of a ferret differs from place to place, so it is important to check and

What You Need to Know About Your Ferret's Diet

Devising a proper ferret diet for your pet is possibly the most integral part of keeping and rearing a ferret. By nature these animals are obligate carnivores, meaning that they primarily eat meat and meat byproducts.

The Rio Grande River Cooter and Russian Tortoise Information

The Rio Grande River Cooter (also known as a part of the Testudines or Chelonia family) is a beautiful turtle that ranges greatly in size and coloration. They tend to have a slightly different shell then that of other turtles; as this shell has developed from their very ribs. This turtle is semi-aqu