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Freshwater Aquarium Filters - Sorting Them Out

Aquarium filtration is a necessary component for the health your aquarium and its inhabitants. Filtration is central to proper maintenance and can mean the difference between a constant aggravation and the amazing satisfaction of owning a beautiful, stunning, aquarium.

Freshwater Aquarium Substrate - How to Decide

When you think of an aquarium it is very easy to notice the fish, the plants, the decorations and even the tank, and end up ignoring what is probably one of the most important parts of the whole aquarium set up which is the aquarium substrate.The substrate is an essential part of the whole tank eco-

How To Choose The Right Plants For An Aquarium

Choosing the right plants is probably one of the essential parts of aquarium maintenance. You need to know the pros and cons of deciding on the best plants may it be live or fake.

How to Care for a Rosy Barb

Rosy barbs are among the easiest of freshwater aquarium fish to keep and maintain, which makes them perfect for beginning hobbyists. These undemanding little guys get along very well with most other unaggressive species near their own size and larger. Rosy barbs are happiest in groups of five or mor

How to Prepare Freshwater Aquarium Water

Water companies add chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine to a domestic water supply to make it clean and safe to drink. These chemicals are harmful to tropical and coldwater fish, so you must adapt the chemical makeup of your tap water before pouring it into a freshwater fish tank. A broad-spec

Angelfish Breeding Techniques

There are two different ways to obtain a strong pair for breeding angelfish. The main benefit of buying a proven angelfish breeding pair would be that you don't have to wait for the angelfish breeding pair to mature they would produce eggs readily.

How to Lower Nitrates in a Saltwater Aquarium

An excessive level of nitrates in a saltwater aquarium causes problems; the most obvious are algal blooms. Nitrates are some of the nutrients algae need and too many nutrients means an excess of algae, clogging equipment and reducing visibility in the water. More seriously, nitrates can be toxic to

Oscar Fish Skin Disease

Oscars are a popular type of tropical fish that are a joy to watch. If you care for them properly, these large fish can live as pets for up to 12 years. To get the most life out of your pet oscar, it is important to learn about diseases that affect it, such as skin diseases. Some diseases, such as h

Keeping African Cichlid Fish For Pleasure

Keeping African cichlid fish should not be a decision taken lightly. One of the most fascinating aspects of keeping African cichlid fish was the fact that that they are maternal mouth-brooders.

How to Trap Aquarium Fish Without Stress

Most of the time the fish in your aquarium will be happy to just swim and be left in peace. There are times, however, when you will need to catch your fish, and when that need arises it is important to subject them to as little stress as possible. Stress can make fish susceptible to a number of seri

Clown Loach Behaviour is Strange Indeed

Every aquarist you talk to knows what a clown loach is.The reason?They earn the right to have "clown" in their common name.Read about some of their strange behaviours in this article and you'll see what I mean.

How to Combine Male & Female Betta Fish

Betta fish are solitary fish. The males and females can only be combined to breed or spawn. If you try to combine them at any other time, the male betta will attack the female and kill her. This is true whether you place them in a small betta bowl or a large fish tank. For breeding purposes, it is i

How to Use the Octopus LX 2000S Skimmer

The Octopus LX 2000S skimmer removes dissolved organic wastes from saltwater fish tanks before the waste degrades into contaminants like ammonia, nitrite and nitrates. Commonly known as a protein skimmer, the Octopus LX 2000S removes the unhealthy substances that pass straight through mechanical fil

How to Breed Tetras

Tetra fish are a favorite of many home aquarium hobbyists and breeding the species provides an opportunity to increase aquarium stock while witnessing the life cycle of the fish. Tetras require a good deal of care and patience when breeding. The aquarium water must be maintained so harmful chemicals

Understanding Dropsy in Goldfish

Dropsy is a reasonably common ailment is pet fish; most notably in goldfish which results in a noticeably swollen appearance. In addition to this the swelling typically causes the scales to stick out at an angle giving them a "prickly" look and swimming may well be impaired.

DIY Sump Filtration for Fish Tank

Sump filters, also known as wet-dry filters or trickle filters, are renown for their biological filtration. And unlike most aquarium filters, most people assemble them on their own rather than purchasing a pre-made filter. This allows people to design a filter to meet their specific needs and tank s

How to Set Up a CO2 System in a Freshwater Tank

Adding a CO2 system to a freshwater fish tank allows the home fish keeper to unlock a new world of possibilities for tank aquascaping. Not only does the addition of freshwater plants enhance the visual appeal of a tank, they can help to make the tank environment healthier by adding valuable oxygen w

How to Choose the Best Freshwater Aquarium Design

If you are planning to setup a freshwater aquarium, you need to plan the whole process exact environment you create. You need to start with the shape of the aquarium that you want. The freshwater aquarium can range from a size of one gallon to hundreds of gallons.

Choosing the Best Betta As a Pet Fish

Are you thinking of buying betta fish for a pet? If so, then congratulations! Having betta fish as pets is really rewarding, but there are many factors to consider when buying one. Learn about these factors first so you are able to choose a healthy fish that will bring you years of enjoyment.

Some Quick Notes on Tropical Fish Care

It's interesting how many people think that tropical fish care is difficult and so detailed that you need to get everything just right or your fish are going to choke away and die. Yes, you do need to provide fish with a healthy environment and a clean tank as well as the right amount of food a