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How to Check the Girth On a Saddle

Riding horses is fun and great exercise but it is important to do it safely. One of the most important and basic steps of riding is to saddle and girth your horse properly. Here are some tips on how to make sure that the girth is tightened properly.

How To Get Great Equitation

When competing in Equitation judges judge the rider's position while mounted that involves the rider's ability to ride correctly and with effective aids. Doing these five simple exercises can help you have great Equitation!

Follow Through Is the Key to Success in Horse Training

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a horse trainer and riding coach is getting people to understand the importance of follow through in horse training. That means staying at a lesson as long as necessary for horse and rider to make their responses unconscious actions. Few grasp that I am n

Parts of a Pony Saddle

Getting to know the parts of your pony saddle can be confusing. Although every part of a saddle has a role to play for comfort and safety, the three most important parts are the tree, seat and rigging. If these three parts are designed well, you will have a safe and comfortable saddle. Always make s

How to Repair Saddle Scuffs

Saddle scuffs are one of the most common forms of damage your saddle will suffer. A saddle scuff removes the top, finished layer of leather, and reveals a lighter-toned, rough surface beneath. Saddle scuffs are unattractive, and damage the integrity of the leather. Repairing saddle scuffs requires r

How to Slow Down a Fast-Walking Horse

Some horses are naturally more energetic than others, and will walk with a longer stride. However, many horses are unbalanced and use speed as a way of evading the rider's aids. Their walk becomes faster and faster until they are almost running, which is uncomfortable for the rider and means that t

Horses & Eye Problems

Horses' eyes are very susceptible to injury. Almost all injuries to horses' eyes are considered emergencies. Horse owners need to pay close attention at all times to the horses' vision, as well as checking to make sure there are no infections in the eye. A minor eye problem in a horse can quickly tu

How to Help Your Horse Live a Good Long Life

Horses used for riding and, particularly, competition horses, can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear over their lives. As a horse grows older, lifetime stresses on joints and legs may begin to manifest themselves in arthritis or other age-related conditions that can affect its longevity.

How to Correct Behavior Problems in Horses

Behavior problems will arise in horses for several reasons and under a variety of circumstances. While most horses behave well, some develop neurotic tendencies, vices and bad habits due to improper handling and treatment, previous experiences or rushed training. Some, however, simply inherit psycho

Horse Farm Games

Games are interesting for horses and riders alike.horses image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comWorking on a horse farm is hard work, and at the end of the day those workers need a way to relax. Creating a number of interesting games gives workers a chance to unwind, as well as the...

How to Avoid Mistakes When Buying a Horse

When buying a horse you need to know the ins and outs so that you get the best horse for the price. All horses are negotiable on price and you should never let someone try to guilt you into buying a horse. It should be a decision that you make and feel comfortable with.

Baby Horse Preparations

Here are 14 things you need in order to be prepared for your horse foaling.Don't be left unprepared.

Let the Horse Understand You

It is a known fact that horses do have a certain amount of intelligence and are able to make decisions that concern them. It is this ability that allows the horse to be able to sense what you are trying to get across to them, it is this same intelligence that allows them to make the decision whether

Meet the Paint Horse

Learn about the Paint Horse's physical characteristics, history and origin, uses, unique traits, colors, and markings.

Your Useful Guide When Choosing Horse Tack Supplies

Taking care of a horse is not as easy as one may think. Your horse's health, shelter, food and horse tack supplies are all very important things to consider, with regard to the care of these giant animals. Tack supplies include bridles, crops, brushes, horse shoes, saddles, and a whole lot more

Feeding Your Horse - What You Need to Know

There is an old Cliche that goes: Show me your horse, and I'll tell you what type of person you are... However should your horse be skinny that would reflect very badly on you.

What Is the Life Span of a Gypsy Vanner Horse?

Gypsy vanner horses, also known as gypsy cobs, Irish cobs, colored cobs and tinker horses, are a colorful and very popular new breed of horse. These horses are very recent to the United States and have only lately been recognized as a registered breed. Their temperament, strength and longevity are h

What To Feed a Horse - Essential Horse Supplements

In this article you are going to what to feed a horse. I'm going to talk with you about essential horse supplements and I will name two specific products that can help your horse to look and feel better.

Classifications for Indoor Riding Arenas

Indoor riding arenas are large, barn-like structures, usually made from steel girders and corrugated iron. The floor is normally lined with a membrane and spread with a soft topping made of sand, rubber, peat or a combination. These arenas allow horse riders to exercise their mounts no matter the we