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Rat & Mice Care & Allergies

Rats and mice are capable of developing allergic reactions to their surroundings while also causing allergies to develop in their human handlers. Being cautious with your small pet's food and bedding is crucial while also taking care of your own skin as well.

Pet-Safe Rat Poison

No rat poison is completely safe to have around pets. According to the ASPCA's Poison Control Center, rat poison always makes the center's top 10 list in pet poisonings for any given year. That's because the ingredients in the bait that attract rats, also attract pets, with sometimes deadly results.

How to Prevent Messes Outside of a Guinea Pig Cage

Watching the family pet guinea pig scurry around his cage may create smiles, but the mess the pet kicks out of the enclosure gets annoying. As guinea pigs play and run, their paddle-shaped feet kick loose bedding and food through the wire mesh or bars of their cage. Choosing heavy guinea pig bedding

The Levels of Classification of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can be classified in a variety of ways, including by sex, subspecies and through the animal kingdom they are a member of. Throughout the world there are over 4,000 species of mosquito , with around 150 of these species found in the U.S.

How to Breed Gray Squirrels in Minnesota

Gray squirrels are often the choice squirrel to keep as a pet. They are more docile and instead of being strongly defensive they allow people to interact with them and their environments without resorting to biting. The typical mating season for gray squirrels happens twice a year; between January

How to Get Rid of Mites on My Pet Mice

Small pets are increasing in popularity as more and more people live in homes that do not allow typical pets such as cats and dogs. Mice are especially good starter pets as they are generally easy to care for, although they can be plagued with pests, including mites. Mites are small, bloodsucking in

How to Use Cage Liners in an Aquarium

An aquarium is a common choice of housing for small pets such as hamsters, mice and gerbils because your pet can't burrow or chew its way out of it and can't dig bedding and wood shavings out of the enclosure and onto your floor. Using a cage liner in an aquarium can help during cleaning out the enc

What Are the Sizes of Hamster Breeds?

Hamsters are common household pets and are oftentimes good pets for young children who need to learn about taking care of another creature. Hamsters vary in size but do not typically exceed 7 inches in length. Choosing the right size hamster breed depends upon the type of environment in which the ha

Good Bedding for Hamsters

Like all rodents, hamsters like to shred and nest. They also need a substrate in their cage to absorb urine and bury feces. The conscientious hamster owner provides an inch or two of safe, non-toxic, dye- and fragrance-free bedding on the floor of the cage. Though a few hamster-safe bedding options

Chinchilla's Diet

Chinchillas are herbivores that need a small variety of foods to stay healthy. Pellets from pet stores or online companies make up the bulk of a chin's diet, along with hay and grass, a vitamin C supplement, and a small amount of treats. These rodents are natives of the Andes Mountains in South Amer

How to Breed to Get a Hairless Mouse

Hairless mice originated in research laboratories. Due to genetic mutations, they are missing the thymus, which is part of the immune system. This makes them more prone to diseases, and gives them a shorter lifespan than furred mice. A furred female that carries a hairless gene must be used because

How to Trap a Chinchilla

Your pet chinchilla has gotten out of its designated play area. You might be fearful that your delicate pet may get hurt, killed by a predator or lost forever. A pet chinchilla simply can not survive on its own for long, so you must work quickly to catch your pet chinchilla. Chinchillas are nimble c

Causes for Why a Pet Rat Has Breathing Problems & Is Turning Pale

Having rats as pets can be rewarding as they are very loving pets, but it can grow difficult, especially when having to deal with rodent illnesses. Breathing problems are one of the most common illnesses among pet rats. Usually owners will notice slight symptoms, but unfortunately what starts slowly

Gerbil Types

Members of the rodent family, gerbils are kept as pets and in medical or scientific research. The Mongolian and Fat-tailed gerbils are the two main types of gerbils kept as pets, though more than 100 breeds can be found in the wild. All gerbils share some basic characteristics, but different breeds

How to Get Rid of Mice With Kitty Litter

Cats were domesticated primarily to deal with rodent problems. Back in the day, if you had mice, your only real solution was to get yourself a cat. But today's kitties are often more pampered than those of days gone by, and while their mouse-hunting instincts may still be strong, their urge to do so

How to Line a Rat Cage

Lining a rat cage with suitable materials helps to keep your pets comfortable and healthy, reduces odors and makes cleaning easier. Take care selecting the lining or substrate. Some materials, such as wood shavings or sawdust, are dangerous to rats. They cause respiratory problems and some woods are

How to Teach Hamsters Tricks

Hamsters are intelligent, problem-solving creatures. In the wild, hamsters have to cover miles of varied terrain in order to find food and the fastest routes to burrows in case predators appear. Pet hamsters can suffer from boredom because they cannot roam. According to "Training Your Pet Hamster,"