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What Are the Annual Dog Vaccinations?

When you take your dog to the vet, he'll receive a series of vaccinations that trigger his immune system to create antibodies to fight off attacks from specific infectious agents for a designated period of time.

How Does a Dog Get Conjunctivitis?

Background and CausesJust like humans, dogs can get conjunctivitis, commonly known as "pink eye." In fact, conjunctivitis is a fairly common ailment in dogs. Conjunctivitis is actually an inflammation of the tissue that coats and protects the eyes and the eyelid linings, known as the...

What Are the Treatments for Equine Pyoderma?

Horses can get skin infections from cuts and soreshorse image by Penny Williams from Fotolia.comPyoderma is a skin infection that causes a buildup and the eventual drainage of pus from underneath a horse's skin. The infection itself is caused by bacteria, and is often the result of a...

Canine Hepatic Seizures

The term "hepatic" refers to the liver. A healthy liver removes toxic waste matter from the blood. Canine seizures are one indication of liver failure affecting the neurological system, called hepatic encephalopathy.

Signs & Symptoms of Dog Parasites

Treat parasites to keep your dog healthydog image by Renata Osinska from Fotolia.comWe call any organism that lives in or on your dog, a parasite. Your dog may harbor one or many and treatment varies with each one, so identification is important. Because some infestations cause severe...

Dog Care for Eye Drainage

Seeing eye drainage around your dog's eyes can be alarming, but you can take care of the drainage with a few simple steps. Some breeds of dogs, such as pugs, are known for eye drainage and if you have an animal that commonly has eye drainage it is good to know how to take care of it. Dogs depend on

Dermatology Diary Part 1: Meet Simba and Asia

Lianne McLeod, Guide to Exotic Pets at About.com and a veterinarian, has written an extensive "diary" account of her two dogs who suffer from itchy skin and hair loss. Learn what is involved in a veterinary referral work up; how skin diseases are examined and ruled out, the topical medicat

What Is the Parvo Virus?

Parvo is a disease of dogs, viral in nature, which normally affects puppies more often than it does an older canine. Parvo attacks those cells in the dog that divide rapidly, with the lining of the stomach a frequent target, precipitating a serious condition in which the dog fails to thrive.

Sub-Q Therapy in Dogs for Kidney Failure

Subcutaneous therapy is one of the most important aspects of taking care of a dog in kidney failure. Also called sub-q therapy, subcutaneous therapy is similar to intravenous catheterization; however, instead of receiving fluids in a vein, the dog receives the fluids under its skin. Owners typically

Oliver Taking It Easy

Oliver the Cat's Weight Management Diary is a photo "project" examining Oliver the cat and his diet and exercise program. Bonnie Vengrow (my editor at About.com) adopted Oliver in August of 2008. I haven't met Oliver in person yet, but Bonnie is dedicated to making sure that Oliv

Signs & Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure in Dogs

There are many signs and symptoms of low blood pressure in dogs.Two Dogs image by ziggyhendry from Fotolia.comDogs suffer from many of the diseases, disorders, and health issues that arise in humans, including low blood pressure. A dog's low blood pressure can be a sign of heart problems,...

Types of Dog Teeth

Dogs' teeth are specialized for hunting, fighting and eating.Dog image by Kavita from Fotolia.comDogs, like humans, have two sets of teeth during their lifetimes: a deciduous set of 28 teeth and a permanent set of 42 teeth. The deciduous set of teeth---also known as baby teeth, puppy...

Symptoms of Kidney Failure and Anorexia in a Dog

A dog with kidney failure experiences some serious symptoms.Dog image by Lea Petrasova from Fotolia.comKidney failure in dogs means that the kidneys are failing to perform their designated jobs. As the body's filtration system, the kidneys normally filter the blood, send toxins and excess...

Methemoglobinemia in Dogs

Methemoglobinemia is not a disease in dogs but a symptom of poisoning or a genetic defect. It is a type of anemia where the blood cannot hold as much oxygen as it normally can. Methemoglobinemia can potentially kill a dog.

Why Do Dogs and Cats "Scoot" Their Butts on the Carpet?

Both dogs and cats have anal sacs that may become impacted or infected and this causes itching, scooting and pain. Learn the signs of anal sac problems and how to keep your pet comfortable and scoot-free.

Canine Hypoglycemic Symptoms

A German Shepherd playing in the snow.dog image by Joanna Redesiuk from Fotolia.comHypoglycemia is a dog blood glucose disorder. This condition is caused by having irregular hormonal functions or the inability for the dog's body to sufficiently store amounts of blood glucose. Your dog's...

Diabetes & Seizures in Dogs

Not all dogs that have seizures have epilepsy. One common cause of seizures in dogs is the onset of diabetes. Your pet must be carefully monitored at home, and may require insulin to prevent seizures.

Hip Dyspasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative condition affecting a dog's hip joints. It typically occurs in dogs genetically predisposed to this condition. Larger dogs are more prone to developing the adverse effects accompanying this condition because the pressure of their weight accelerates joint degeneration.