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Seven Kickstarter Tips for Photography

Photography is not about the camera, but the skills the photographers use in capturing their masterpieces. It, too, depends on the quality of the lens, but if you have got what is needed to capture ...

Photographing the 21st Winter Olympics

There is an art to taking to good pictures at any event. Whether you are photographing a wedding, your kids birthday party or the Winter Olympics, you need to be prepared in order to get ...

Photos on Canvas - Photography - Canvas Art

Printing photos on canvas is not only a means of preserving your photograph for many years, thanks to the natural longevity of canvas, but doing so also creates unique, personal art. Unique, because it is from yours or another's photo - photos that no one else will have unless you share it. Per

Buying the Best Digital SLR Camera the Easy Way

It wasn't that long ago, that real photographers turned up their noses at the thought of using a digital camera.Well, fast forward a few years, and everyone is using digital cameras it seems.Even those few purists who still hold to traditional film 35mm cameras have softened.

Landscape Photography Using Your Digital SLR Camera

There are many factors that go towards great landscape photography. Here are a few points to consider. Lens Using an ultra wide angle lens is standard, in order to pack us much of a scene as possible into the picture.

Make Your Party Fun With A Photo Booth!

The latest mantra of a successful party - a photo booth. See your guests have unbeatable fun at getting themselves photographed in the funniest of ways. That is the magic that spins behind the curtains and makes people let go off their inhibitions and what comes out in print is a moment of pure joy!

Freelance Photography: Is It Worth the Risk?

After the successful completion of your professional photography course, now you want to give a head start to your career! You want to be your own boss and so you have decided to become a freelance photographer! Well, then it is time that you learn about the pros and cons of freelance photography so

Black and White Wedding Photographs

There is no doubt that weddings are full of rich colors and it is the photographer's job to capture them in all their glory. However, black and white photographs are old-fashioned, which in itself adds character to the prints and brings out the beauty of the entire day. The bride's father

How To Choose The Best Video Editing Software?

Video editing software refers to a computer program that enables you to create audio and video films. This kind of computer program can be used to add visual effects to the video or still images.

Important Basic Information Regarding Cyanotype

Cyanotype is a process of printing photographs in cyan-blue print. Normally photographs are set in silver such as the black and white photographs. It uses sunlight and a few chemicals to print pictures.

Moonwalks and other birthday party ideas for your kid

Inflatable moonwalks can be a great idea for a backyard birthday party for your kid. Kids need entertainment or they start to lose interest and best way to entertain them is to engage them in some act

How Can You Get Wonderful Landscape Photography Prints

Landscape photography is one of the most rewarding pastimes that you can undertake but it requires certain skills to get the best results. This article provides a guide on how you can take great landscapes.

Photography - Types of Services Offered

Photographers have a lot of responsibility when it comes to capturing precious moments in life. Experienced photographers are there to help you catch all of them. Professional photography services include...

Goodbye Taxes

You can become successful in the stock photography world if you understand how to increase your bottom line.No that you are a small business owner, you are entitled to deductions that weren't available to you in the past.

Sunset Photography - How to Take Amazing Sunsets

It seems like everybody loves looking at beautiful sunsets, which is probably why sunset photography is such a competitive niche. Let's look at some simple techniques that will help you to photograph truly stunning sunset images, the kind that stand out from the crowd. Sunset Photography Rule #

Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Beautiful Day

Hiring a good photographer for your wedding can be one of the best decisions you make in your life. Since the pictures captured contains all the beautiful moments that happened during a very important day ...

Tips on Photographing Night Fire Scenes as a Firefighter

Fire can yield hauntingly beautiful photographs. For firefighters, high-quality fire photographs might be necessary to understand what started the fire and how it burned. Unfortunately, photographing fire can be highly challenging, especially at night. Flames move quickly and many cameras focus on t

How to Take Photos at Night

Ever tried to take a photograph at night, only to end up with a blurry mess? You can use the flash, but often that destroys the qualities that make a low light shot so atmospheric. The two most important factors that determine proper exposure are aperture and shutter speed. Aperture is the siz