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Why Change?

A change for thebetter is always a welcome sign, a sign of maturity, a sign of positivity. Those who do not change, are like stagnant water, where bugs and weedscan only thrive.

Comparing Sara Paretsky and Marcia Muller

If you are a late discoverer of V. I. Warshawski, like I am, I think you'll enjoy this tough, yet thoughtful private detective from Chicago. Sara Paretsky and Marcia Muller have each created strong female characters that will give you hours of enjoyment.

How to Buy a Weight Loss Guide

Have you been thinking about losing weight and how to start.Do you know where to look or what sort of diets are out there.How about a book?

The Lost Symbol - Tracing Freemasonry Group in Washington DC

The Lost Symbol is the third book written by an American novelist, Dan Brown that presents Robert Langdon as the main character. This character has been very popular through the previous two books, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. This time, he is exploring the architecture of Washington D.C t

The Importance Of Niches When Positioning Your Business

A book was published recently, and received great acclaim, entitled "Niche and Grow Rich". What a brilliant title! It is a play on the title of Napoleon Hill's famous book "Think and Grow Rich" which is probably the greatest Self Help book ever written.

Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza by Cherie Burbach - Book Review

If I had only had this book four years ago when I attempted Internet dating! Cherie Burbach offers sound advice for those of us who are willing to take the chance to meet potential mates online. This book will both assist people who have unsuccessfully tried Internet dating and people who are new to

Poem to Say Goodbye

In certain situations, saying goodbye can be a very tough experience. Mainly because we notice their presence through their absence, and we realize that we did not when they were present.Human beings have the tendency of behaving with the famous saying: "you don't know what you have until

Why is Twilight Such a Big Hit?

You must probably heard about it, from the news on the television or to the mob of teenagers wearing the "I love TWILIGHT" t-shirts outside the bookshop where Stephenie Meyer held her book-signing. The new phenomenon right after Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings took the whole world like

Placebo Please

Pop a patronizing pill and feel all the better.Give us your money, we will nicely reassure.Every child, parent, and grandmother.You pay and we'll placate you out the door.This placebo will perform that I assure.If not, enjoy my sarcasm, satire, and humor.

Cloud City - A Childhood Map to Where the Pain Started

Racial and gender-based torture have provided a ritualized foundation of pain during the childhood portion of my life spent in the United States. The will to survive has been an urgent imperative, along with my confidence that a just morality will prevail. Cloud City represents a particularly violen

The Exciting Adventures of an Atlantic City Lifeguard

I'll bet you always thought of lifeguards as total goof-offs whose only mission in life was to seek out and score as many chicks as possible. And in a sense, you'd have a point. But what if I also told you that during the!950's and 60's, when I served as an ocean lifeguard with t

Minding Frankie By Maeve Binchy

I highly encourage you to read Ms. Binchy if you love books about people who have issues, but live them out with their community. It is probably better if you have read her stuff in order but it's certainly not necessary. Binchy's characters pop up in most of the stories and you feel as if

A Little Thought

I am not morning walker, but jump on feet like jogger. It gives enough of fresh air in open, I find fresh ideas to be inked with pen...

Pinballs Book Review

Pinballs is the best book I have ever read. In this book there are 3 kids Harvy,Thomas J. and Carlie. All of theme ended up a a foster home. There they make friends with each other. Harvy has 2 broken legs. The only reason he went to foster care is that his father was drunk and ran over them.

Not Even One Hooting Owl Left (Poetic Prose)

The inside walls was the remains of an old barn one that was never quiet, he had worked it when he was a kid, he remembered how it sheltered animals, kept the hay dray in the loft, stored the machinery snug against the walls. It had stood with the farm, and family through the good and bad times, thr

A Story About Old England 2

It was in the days of Good King Freddie and the prime minister and patron saint were about to set out by hot air balloon to rescue Siberian woggalogs stranded on ice floes in the Arctic Ocean. On the morning of departure a small crowd of curious local citizenry had come out from Bristol and Chipping

The Women's Daily Irony Supplement by Judy Gruen

If someone would see my wit and humor and take me on to write a book-this is the kind I'd write!It made me laugh out loud.It also made me think.What better way to be entertained?

Your Spiritual Journey - The Beginning Steps

The astral plane is the part of the spiritual path that is the reason the churches are so against the inner contact, or channeling. No one understood this astral plane and it was thought that delving into the inner life caused one to go mad and that it was satanic and the work of the devil. It was f