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Laws on Landlord & Tenant Rights in California

California law grants rights to both landlords and tenants.apartment for rent image by dead_account from Fotolia.comProperties leased to renters in California must comply with the state's landlord and tenant rights laws. These laws impose duties and obligations on both renters and...

How to Get Out of a Contract Agreement

Contracts ensure all parties in an agreement that certain terms and conditions will be carried out, or that legal consequences will result. There are certain circumstances when a contract can be voided or terminated earlier than originally stated or intended in the legal document. No matter how vali

Extending A Lease? Make Sure You Appoint The Right Lease Extension Solicitors

It can often be tempting to simply appoint a solicitor that you know and are comfortable with when it comes to the legal work involved in a lease extension. But in fact, when dealing with any issues surrounding extending a lease, it is far more important to appoint specialist and experienced lease e

How to Correct a Quit Claim Deed That Is Already Recorded in Washington

Legal title to real property transfers from one owner to another when the recorder's office records the deed to the property in the official deed records of the county in Washington where the property is situated. Occasionally, a recorded quitclaim deed contains inaccuracies, such as a typographical

Month to Month Rental Agreements

Month to month rental agreements have benefits and drawbacks compared to leases. Landlords may benefit by finding tenants quickly, the ability to deal with problem tenants more effectively, charge higher rent and be more suitable to certain locales.

A Section of the Bill of Rights in South Africa

The Bill of Rights applies to all law, and binds the legislature, the executive, the judiciary and all organs of state. A provision of the Bill of Rights binds a natural or a juristic person if, and to the extent that, it is applicable, taking into account the nature of the right and the nature of a

About Mechanic's Lien Rights

A mechanic's lien protects suppliers, builders and contractors in the event that they are not paid for projects completed or supplies purchased for a project. Lien laws vary from state to state--and no two state's lien laws are alike. Learn some lien law basics and what you need to know to be able t

How to Get a Joint Tenant out of a Home

Joint tenancy agreements are arrangements in which two or more individuals are party to a lease. In most states, both parties are jointly and severally responsible for the terms of the lease. Should either party break the lease agreement, the landlord may seek a civil judgment from one or both of th

Insurance Claims for Florida Homeowners and Condominium Associations

Homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominium associations in Florida often take out insurance policies to protect their assets in the event of extreme weather, such as hurricanes or flooding. When one of these events occur though, these associations can have significant difficulty obtaining the co

Real Estate Laws in Michigan

Michigan real estate laws cover a range of issues.michigan map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comReal estate, sometimes referred to as real property, has been the subject of various laws since laws were invented. Today, each state maintains its own laws governing the use and...

Understanding Mortgage Loans and Interest Rate Types

Twenty years ago your typical lender offered only two mortgage loan products, a fixed rate loan with payments amortized over fifteen or thirty years or a one year adjustable rate loan. Today, lenders offer a variety of loan products with a bewildering number of options, making it difficult for consu

Regulatory Solutions to Prevent the Next Housing Bubble

Some kind of regulatory reform is going to come out of the aftermath of the housing bubble. Hopefully, the regulations will be able to limit borrowing to prevent financing-induced bubbles from inflating while simultaneously allowing sufficient capital inflows to allow people to buy homes. It is a ti

Legalities Surrounding Service Disconnection

Many trustees and managing agents take the action of disconnecting services when scheme members do not pay their levies or Utility bills. Using disconnection as a means to force payment for non-payment of levy or utility is very contentious issue.

Indiana Landlord Tenant Act

In Indiana, state laws cover the rental of apartments, houses and other residential real estate. These laws clarify what is expected of the landlord and the tenant, establish procedures when disagreements or problems arise, and give legal protection to both parties.

How to File a Mechanic's Lien in Ohio

A mechanic's lien is filed if you work on a customer's property or motor vehicle and are not paid after completing the task. Although it is not overly simple to file a mechanic's lien, it is a viable technique used by mechanics and contractors to get the money owed to them upon completing a job. A

What Are the Taxes for a Quit Claim Deed in Tennessee?

Quitclaim deeds transfer property ownership between two parties. The specific rules and regulations regarding the use of quitclaim deeds varies by state. Some states assess a transfer tax when a deed is used to change property ownership. Tennessee has a statewide transfer tax collected on all quitcl

How to File a Lien for Unpaid Work in Florida

Florida law allows licensed contractors and sub-contractors to file liens for work they performed and did not receive payment for. A lien for unpaid work, known as a “mechanic’s lien,” attaches to the property’s title, effectively preventing the owner from selling his home wi

How to Survive Foreclosure or Avoid it Altogether

Facing foreclosure is a devastating prospect. Sometimes, circumstances such as job loss, divorce or medical issues make it difficult or impossible to keep the commitment you made to pay for your house. You stand to lose the property as well as your good credit rating. If you face the issue and take