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The World's Most Famous Epitaphs Monuments

Epitaphs monuments can be as outlandish and funny or serious and reflective as you want. For those with a sense of humor it can be a way of getting a few laughs long after you're gone, and for those without much humor it can be a way of leaving a more serious legacy.

A Child's "Undermined" Death

When Stephanie Edwards pulls into Palm Mortuary on Eastern Avenue, it is late afternoon and the sun is setting. She parks her car close to the curb at the Garden of Innocents and begins her daily ritual. She removes trimming shears, Windex and paper towels from the trunk of her Camry. Edwards is the

Delivering a Eulogy Speech - How to Do it Right

Public speaking may be something that is uneasy for you- especially during a funeral. You may be overwhelmed but a lot of emotions. These may include grief, desperation, and denial.

Funeral Planning and Keepsakes

Funeral planning often comes at a time when we are least ready. In most instances, funeral professionals shoulder the brunt of the funeral planning. Because death care professionals are trained to assist client families in providing meaningful services both traditional and contemporary in nature, of

Financial Aspect Of Funeral Homes

Funerals are part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Regardless of income bracket, people are going to have to go into funerals, either of relatives, friends or even acquaintances at some points. These may be sad occasions when people come together to bid someone their final goodbye, but they

Helping a Friend Through Loss and Grief

The loss of a child, partner, sibling, parent or close friend is unimaginable and indescribable. This article offers practical and personal advice on what to do and what NOT to do when a friend is going through grief.

How to Create a Custom Urn for Cremation - A Planning Guide

When a loved one passes away, your family may decide collectively that you would all like to commission a custom urn for cremation. This creative process is one that results in a one-of-a-kind urn that is unique to your loved one, but it does take more time and a little extra planning in order to ge

Funeral Music

The choice of funeral music for a memorial or funeral service is very important and should ideally be made by the immediate family and close friends. It's essential to keep in mind the type of music the deceased preferred or specifically has requested.

A Biodegradable Urn - Helping "Green" Live on

Why should you consider a biodegradable, "green" urn for your loved one or pet? The eco-friendly movement is going strong. Under the current Presidential administration, over $600 million of the stimulus package will be spent on green job training programs. Education is key, and there are

Avoiding Probate: A Variety of Tools Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Many people have avoiding probate as one of their estate planning goals, for good reason. Many of those desiring to avoid probate have become somewhat familiar with revocable living trusts, which are an effective means for avoiding probate. However, multiple other tools exist for avoiding probate, i

Remembrance Ornament Is a Cherished Reminder

Some of the most profound things you can do to demonstrate your dedication to your client families may also be some of the smallest. A thoughtful keepsake such as a holiday remembrance ornament will go far in establishing yours as a thoughtful funeral home, while promoting referrals among the commun

Should I Choose a Funeral Service Or a Memorial Service?

If you've never planned a funeral before, the choices available to you can be daunting. The somber and final atmosphere of a funeral home is not conducive to comparison shopping. Most first-time funeral shoppers are bewildered by the decisions that must be made at the time of death. The emotion

What Happens When A Body Is Not Buried

Most families follow the age old practice of burying their dead. However, there are certain occasions where this does not happen. Some have their bodies cremated.

Funeral Wreath For a Memorial Service

People have been sending flowers to funerals for a very long time. Hundreds or years ago flowers were used to mask the smell of the deceased. Now of course we use flowers to show our love and support of the deceased.

Simple Funeral Songs

You can locate several funeral songs to get a memorial service online. There are list of the greatest funeral music from a variety of genres to choose from. Songs will not often need to be of the spiritual nature.

Things To Consider When Choosing Headstones

People tend to have very generalized ideas about headstones. In reality, however, the professionals that produced these products have come up with an impressive array of options. This allows each person to honor loved ones in a way that is both personal and unique.

Sample Eulogies

Eulogies can be a difficult responsibility for a funeral. Here are some helpful hints when using sample eulogies as a resource.

An Author's Tribute - The Passing of a Hero

God takes those home that He can no longer love from a distance. My Dad is at home. His legacy to us is God; the beliefs, the commitments, the dedication to serve God that we have all grown to cherish and have such an eternal hope and perspective in.

Do We Really Need a Eulogy Sample?

We are all humans who were created to live in a mortal world and who are expected to be with the Omnipotent in the right time. No one actually knows if when the right time is. Thus, it is somehow hard to accept when one of our loved ones has died instantly. This is actually the moment when questions