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Taking Your Travel Trailers to the Wild West

Each year during the last full week of July, Cheyenne, Wyoming celebrates her heritage with Frontier Days, The Daddy of 'Em All. The western celebration includes what they claim is the world's largest professional outdoor rodeo. It is certainly a wonderful week full of fun activities, para

Summer and the RV Covers

It's almost summer time and do you have your RV cover yet. On June 21 it will be the first day of summer and many of you will be heading off to the the woods, lakes and beaches of America. Some of you have your RVs stored away in storage yards and some of you are going to buy a new RV this summ

Rest Assured With a Tire Minder TPMS

I am a huge advocate for consumer education on tire care and maintenance. This is all great advice and should always be adhered to, but it is impossible to know what kind of damage may have already occurred to the inside of the tire that you are unaware of and have no way of knowing when the tire mi

Surveys Indicate Not All Consumers Like Popup Trailer RVs

It is fairly a known fact that consumers do not like pop-up trailer RVs as much as regular trailers and yet they are pretty good for many reasons. For instance pop up folding camping trailers are better streamlined for towing and the wind resistance saves huge amounts on fuel and with today's p

RV Wheel Chocks - Use It or Lose It!

Have you ever been sitting at your campsite or RV park site and watch how folks handle unhooking their trailer or toad from their vehicle? I can't tell you how many times I have seen the sheer look of horror on many an RVers face when their unhooked vehicle starts to unexpectedly move, even tho

How to Mount a Tandem Axle Under a Trailer

Your trailer's axles may wear or become damaged over time. You can replace a damaged tandem axle by detaching the leaf spring suspension system to remove the old axle and install the new one. The leaf spring system suspends the axle from the trailer frame, protecting it from damage. In a tandem axle

Unwritten Rules Of The Toy Hauler Experience

The whole point of owning a toy hauler is to pack up your toys and travel around. You can get together with friends and strangers alike to party and play together. This can mean tons of fun if you kno

What to Look For When Buying an RV

If planning to invest in a brand new RV, start visiting RV dealers and shows. Look at the various different RV's based on the number of family members and type of traveling. Research the various manufacturers and brands to get an idea of the floor plans and layouts.

How to Trailer a Boat

Trailering a boat is more than just hooking it up to your vehicle and backing it into the water. You must take safety precautions such as checking the proper trailer weight capacity and the vehicle with the proper towing capacity. Check the specifications for both the trailer and vehicle. Trailering

How to Connect an RV to a Sewer

While dumping the black and gray water storage tanks is one of the less attractive aspects of RV ownership, it is a necessary part of the lifestyle, and one that all owners must familiarize themselves with. RVs are typically connected semi-permanently to sewer systems at camp sites, and temporarily

3 Essential Considerations in Getting Awnings For Caravans

More and more people are investing in getting their own motorhomes. These motorhomes or caravans are good vehicles used by people who are starting to be very hooked in outdoor activities. Having these vehicles require them to get awnings for caravans since they have limited space inside it. They can

My Best Decision - Buying a Used RV!

From the standpoint of bringing my family together, having an economical way to go on vacation, and maximizing how much fun can be had while away from home; I have made few decisions in my life better than buying a used RV.Our entire family looks forward to weekends with a lot more gusto now than we

Getting Internet Service In Your Motorhome

Whether you just can't live without internet access or if you want to browse to enhance your road trip, internet access from your motorhome is becoming an increasingly desired commodity. I will explain two ways to have you on the web whilst you are on the road.

How to Do Basic RV Repair

Sometimes when you have work that needs to be done in your RV, it can be less expensive to do some of the repairs yourself rather than going with a company that does RV repair ...

Buying A New Or Used Travel Trailer: Which Is Better?

If you are thinking about buying a new or used travel trailer, you will want to ask yourself a few questions. Once you know the answer to those questions, finding a travel trailer or RV that is right

Are All Your RV Trailer Brakes Working?

Some people think that just because your unit slows down when you apply your RV trailer brakes that they are all working properly, however this could be far from true. A friend showed me a sure way to check to ensure each brake is doing its fair share of the work, by using a simple magnetic compass.