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About Choctaw Traditions

The Choctaw have attempted to be peaceful people. After the settlers from other nations began taking over their land, they still tried to work with them. Even after most were pushed off their land in Mississippi, they still kept their traditions while learning from the colonists. Their loved ones we

How Can I Find an Old Indian Family History?

Finding out that you have Native American ancestry can be an exciting thing. However, tracing your lineage can be a confusing task if you're unaware of where to begin. You can find most information online, although you will have to go to certain venues to obtain assistance.

How to download a Joel Osteen Podcast

Joel Osteen is a motivational and inspirational Christian TV preacher. His messages are enjoyed by many. But what if you want to get his messages on the go, either on your computer or on your iPod or mp3 device. Here's some tips to help you listen on the go and download the audio or video podcast

Difference Between Aleut & Inuit

The Aleut and Inuit peoples are indigenous cultures native to the far north of North America, Greenland and eastern Eurasia. Although the two cultures have a number of similarities, speak related languages and inhabit environments which are similar in some ways, there are a number of significant dif

Monuments in Mena, Arkansas

Monuments in Mena, ArkansasArkansas state contour against blurred USA flag image by Stasys Eidiejus from Fotolia.comMena is a small city located in Polk county, Arkansas. As of the 2000 census, the population of Mina was approximately 5,637. Mena and the surrounding area is best known for...

Roaches Found in Indiana

Cockroaches are tropical insects that tend to feed off anything that humans would, plus more. That is why cockroaches are abundant in Indiana, as well as virtually every other state. Cockroaches are light sensitive and usually found in moist, dark places near bathrooms or kitchens. Cockroaches are h

How to Teach Praise Dance Choreography

Praise dance is frequently used during praise and worship ceremonies or other church events as a way to convey emotion, spirituality and a Biblical message. One of the primary challenges facing praise dance choreographers is creating a dance that not only is fun and challenging for the dancers, but

How to Identify Indian Pottery Shards

Pottery shards are pieces of pottery that have broken apart. The designs on the shard, whether it is glazed, and what the shard is made of are all things that help identify the time, place and artist of the pot. While it may seem like most pottery shards come from Indian tribes in the southwestern a

What is Christmas? Read the History

Christians all over the globe celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25. It is a happy holiday where families get together, present each other presents, embellish houses, sing customary songs and go to gathering. ...

Traditional Costumes in Spain

The lace mantilla--a key component of Spanish women's clothing for centuries.spanish dancer image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comThe Andalusian region in Spain is the birthplace of the most widely recognizable traditional costume from Spain. As the Spanish culture spread across the world,...

The Advantages of Popular Sovereignty

Popular sovereignty is the notion that people who live in a region should determine the nature of the government of that region. This goes beyond democracy. It includes the right of everyone to participate in the process. In the United States, this is guaranteed, to an extent, by the Bill of Rights,

Education of African Children

Across Africa, children face many similar challenges and successes with their education. Public education varies by country depending on the stability of government and the resources allocated for schools. Private schools exist in many forms throughout the continent. Many children have difficulty ac

The History of Elevators

Without elevators, there would be no skyscrapers. Disabled people would be tethered to the ground. In overcrowded cities like Tokyo, residents would have even less space to lay their heads. Elevators have allowed man and his imagination to go vertical, forever changing the world's landscape.

Native Indian Beading Designs & Techniques

Native American Indian beading designs and techniques vary by tribe, location and the time period when the bead work was made. Leather corded bead work is usually reserved for functional items like pouches or moccasins, and stranded bead work is used in jewelry. Bead work may be done by hand or via

What Are the Similarities Between the Coastal & Plateau People?

The Coastal and Plateau people are two distinct groups of Native Americans who lived near the Pacific coast and the Pacific Northwest. The Coastal natives lived near the coast of the Pacific Northwest, from Alaska to northern California, and the Plateau natives lived between the Cascades and the Roc

How to Identify Chinese Postage Stamps

Since the formation of the People's Republic of China, more than 700 separate sets of stamps have been issued, totaling more than over 300 different designs. Chinese stamps dating back to 1878 are regularly sought after by avid stamp collectors. Collecting Chinese stamps can be a rewarding as well

What Are the Staple Foods of Russia?

When anyone thinks of Russian food, they probably think of potatoes and pot roast, carrots and the simple rustic foods. However, Russian foods have actually become part of the American diet. We just don't realize their origin. Think of beef Stroganoff, blintzes, caviar, kasha or pyrohi--all Russian