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How to Throw a Girl's 13th Birthday Party

Mark your daughter’s transition from childhood to teenage life with a 13th birthday celebration that she will fondly remember. Make use of several party ideas such as a spa session, a camping-out night, or slumber party to celebrate your daughter’s birthday and make her feel good about g

How To Throw A Great Halloween Party

Halloween is a Fall holiday that is celebrated by nearly every religion and culture on the planet. The celebration dates back to the early sixteenth century and has remained extremely popular ever since. Both adults and children dress up in elaborate costumes and spend the evening going door to door

Religious Gifts for Teachers

Elementary school students often give their teachers gifts around the holidays and at the end of the year. It is appropriate to give a teacher a religious gift if you know that he or she practices a certain faith or if he or she teaches at a faith-based school. Keep in mind that it may be offensive

How to Make the Grudge Face Paint

"The Grudge" is a 2004 American horror movie set in Japan, based on the 2002 Japanese film "Ju-on." In both films, the protagonists explore a creepy house haunted by a young, female, Japanese ghost. Though "The Grudge" received poor reviews, many fans of suspense films were drawn to the young ghost

Ideas for a Funny Birthday

Over the hill birthday parties are fun for someone with a great sense of humor.Over the Hill image by Kathy D from Fotolia.comPlan a funny birthday party for your loved one, he will remember for years to come. Aside from the party decorations and delicious birthday cake, add some...

Gifts for a Teenage Sister

She's been a pain in the neck more than once, and you've thought of trading her in, but underneath it all, your teenage sister means everything to you. Surprise her with a gift that shows her that you care.

Christmas Trap - How to Avoid the Holiday Season Stress

Christmas or the holiday season is for many people a time of stress and frustration. Get an inside and useful tips on how to avoid the Christmas Trap and set yourself up for a holiday season you truly enjoy!

How to Make Raffle Ticket Booklets

Raffles generate excitement for fundraising campaigns, particularly when good prizes are offered. Tickets to sporting events, golf trips, spa packages, rare items and memorable experiences with leaders or other special people are items worth selling tickets for. If you are holding a smaller raffle a

Christmas Shopping On A Budget For The Best Christmas Gifts For 2010

The juxtaposition of budget and Christmas shopping is never an easy task. Every tear the challenge becomes trickier and more essential. Very much like trying to wear a pair of shoes three sizes too small, attempting to make all the items on your Christmas gift list fit into your budget can appear an

Unusual Gifts for Mothers

Over the course of your lifetime, chances are you will spend a significant amount of time finding gifts for your mother.Flowers for Mom image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comFinding memorable gifts for your mom can be a real challenge, especially if she is hard to buy for or you have...

Adult Birthday Cake Decorating Idea

Who said birthday cakes are reserved just for kids? It's easy to create an adult-themed cake that pokes fun at someone's profession, their shoe-shopping addiction or even their fear of aging.

How to Do Goth Makeup for Halloween

Gothic makeup can enhance your Halloween look. The Gothic style is inspired by depictions of vampires, making this look perfect for Halloween. Both men and women can embrace a high-intensity Gothic face as part of a costume. The look is supposed to be very dramatic, so you really don't have to worry

Rustic Anniversary Gifts

Choose a rustic wood bench for a fifth anniversary gift.old times image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comSome traditional anniversary gifts, given their natural material, lend themselves to rustic gifts. Choose these rustic gifts to blend into your present decor by choice of color palette,...

Valentine Gift Ideas for Friends

Give your friends a friendly flower for Valentine's Day.daisy flower image by DeCoste from Fotolia.comFriends weave themselves into your life by bringing ice cream when you're down or joining you for dinner to celebrate a triumph. On February 14th, give your friends appreciation with a...

How to Shop for Cake Pans

Different types of cakes are made from a variety of ingredients and offer an endless array of flavors and textures. Most traditional birthday cakes are baked using round, square or rectangular pans. A cheesecake, however, requires a completely different kind of pan, as do Bundt cakes and loaf cakes.

Homemade Zombie Halloween Costumes

The latest big thing in sci-fi and horror seems to be the zombie. And with vampires before them, people will be dressing as zombies for the next Halloween. If you would like to be one of the Halloween zombies, you can either buy a zombie costume or create your own. Since a zombie is simply a reani

High School Musical Birthday Cake Ideas

Go beyond the typical birthday cake for your "High School Musical" birthday party.birthday cake image by Jerome Dancette from Fotolia.comThe movie "High School Musical" is filled with singing and dancing. To throw a "High School Musical" birthday party, include as many details from this...

Unique and Coordinated Costumes For the Entire Family

Extremely cute when you have little ones and a clever bit of fun with teens, wearing matching or complimentary costumes is a howl. Bring the family together at the next costume party with these ideas.