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Christmas Orbs

At our family Christmas party, it appears that several orbs showed up.

Tarot Cards & Their Meanings

Want to learn about the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Tarot? Here's where you'll find information on all the cards in a standard Tarot deck!

Are you giving your all?

Luke 21: 1:4 'As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. He also saw a poor widow put in two very small cooper coins. "I tell you the ...

Jesus - The Lion of Judah

Hosea 5: 4, "For I will be unto Ephraim as a lion, and as a young lion to the house of Judah:I, even I, will tear and go away; I will take away and none shall rescue him."Jesus isn't just the "meek and mild" Savior that many imagine Him to be.He is the Lion of Judah, and, as

Jealousy of God

Sometimes we have a false sense of peace because we lack understanding and knowledge of how we are supposed to be and act. Turning to the Word of the Lord God Almighty of the Bible clues us in to where we are at in terms of reality. Is all well Lord?

Helpful Advice on How to Learn Astrology

Troubled with your dwindling career? Or depressed with never-ending family squabbles? Be it a plight of any sort. Find your ultimate solace in astrology and unearth perpetual alleviation.

Don't Lose Hope

There are people who have nothing to look forward to. Without hope, without expectations, without something to look forward to beyond today, you will just give up. Yes, the Return of Christ is the greatest hope there is, but if you have no hope for this life, then you will give up and settle.

God is Love

The original tenets of religion, that God, or the Ultimate, is ineffable.This new consciousness is not a choice for people, or something to be stamped out; it is inevitable.This shift in consciousness is happening now.

Ideas for a Memorial on the Anniversary of a Death

The anniversary of a loved one's death is usually a sad event marked by strong emotions. Often, family members and friends of the deceased opt to gather together and remember their loved one, celebrate her life and provide support for each other through this difficult time. There are many ideas that

Types of Free Psychic Readings

It seems that the once persistent stigma regarding the suspicious mystery of psychic powers has lifted and there is a much wider acceptance of the practice in the mainstream world. While it is often still ...


A human life is a priceless gift of God. The Lord does not have a greater gift than this to give his beloved creatures. Its specialties and potentials are so extraordinary that its results can ...

Having A Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

Nothing much has really changed between the old and new bar mitzvah ceremony traditionally speaking that is. What has changed is noticeable in the way traditional dishes have changed even through these modern times. Delicacies ...

Sarah's Imbolc Altar

Want to see what some of our readers have put on their Imbolc altars? Check out this photo gallery for some great ideas!

How to Be The Best Godparent

Godparents are chosen to help a child's parents to raise him or her in the Catholic faith. A Godparent is expected to be an active participant in the Godchild's life. It is not just a random honor, it is a huge compliment about the way you practice your faith. Here are some things to con

Prayer of Jesus For His Disciples - Exegesis of Verses VI-XI of John 17

Jesus was much more concerned about His disciples than himself. He was sure of His own victory but realized that the disciples were a variable quantity and would likely fail as He has already predicted in Matthew 26:31 and John 16:32. He prayed for them with confidence that they will be kept by the