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Practice Round with Daddy

Michelle Wie is shown in this photo practice at the 2006 LPGA Championship with her father close by.

Sail Boat Plans - Tips to Choose the Best Plans

Sail boats are one of the boat types which comes with many variation. These type of boats are entirely propelled by sails. Sail boat plans comes in several types which are mostly distinguished by its keel types, hull configuration, number and configuration of masts and purpose.

Ideal Titleist 913 D3 Driver for Golfer's Swing

The 913 is more of an evolution rather than a revolution. The company believes they are the most playable and forgiving drivers they have ever released, primarily due to the lower and more optimal center ...

Independents in Football

Notre Dame and Navy will dominate the Independents again this year. With Temple changing alliance and no longer in the Big East will spark more interest in Independents. Army coming over from Conference USA will not affect the perspective of the independents unless they have some surprises

Skate 2 - Female Skater

EA Skate 2 Photo Gallery - Screenshots from the EA Skate 2 video game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 2. Check out these pictures from the new game EA Skate 2, coming out soon.

Bodybuilding - Fructose and Your Bodybuilding Efforts

If you're currently on a bodybuilding plan and are trying to pack on a maximum amount of weight gain, there is no doubt that you also need a good bodybuilding diet. Since what you eat will determine about 90% of the muscle building results you see, if this factor is not taken care of, you are g

Which Paintball Tank Should You Use?

If you play paintball, after choosing your security gear, gun and barrel size and adapters, it would be best to determine if you wish to use CO2 (carbon dioxide) or Nitrogen to propel your paintballs ...

Running Injury Free - A New Posture

A proper posture is an essential part of running injury free. This is a quick guide for aligning your core before going out for a run.

How To Fix A Slice - How To Get Help To Fix Your Slice

A large number of golfers are self taught. While this is a difficult road to go down, it is by no means impossible but progress may be slow and unrewarding at first. Golf is such a technical sport that many of the fundamentals of the swing can be missed or ignored and this can lead to the developmen

Composite Bats Vs Aluminum Bats

Softball and baseball bats which are made up of composite materials are going the round for quite a longtime but it was in the last few years it gained momentum and now it is competing ...

Rags to Riches wins the 2007 Kentucky Oaks

Rags to Riches lived up to her heavy favoritism to win the 2007 Kentucky Oaks by 4 1/4 lengths over fellow Todd Pletcher trainee Octave while High Heels was third. Get the results, charts, and photos here.

Wooden Boat Plans to Help You

If you enjoy woodworking and you love boats, then wooden boat plans are the next logical step. Wooden boat plans are a great way to get a lot of satisfaction out of working on a project at home from start to finish.

The History of Aintree Racecourse

Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, is one of the most famous racecourses in the world and it's 180 year history is as rich and interesting as one could imagine. Aintree Racecourse is one of the most famous racecourses in the world and is located on the A59 at Ormskirk Road, Aintree (Anglo-Saxon for

Martial Artist Says It Pays To Be Out of Uniform!

Youre walking down a dark street at night and two thugs are walking in front of you, so you cross the street and as you do, a third starts to come up behind you.No problem, you think. Youve been trained to handle a mass attack, so youll just have to use all of your kicks and strikes and blocks.