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How to Import Scope Boxes in Revit

The Revit modeling software by Autodesk allows architects and students of architecture to create 3-D designs of buildings. The Scope Box feature allows you to add 3-D objects into a project and break down a building plan into zones or phases. If you want to use the same scope box in another project,

Everyday Nautical Phrases

When it comes to being out on the open waters it is not just a fully equipped boat you will need. Having a range of nautical sayings and phrases will add to the experience. Nautical sayings and phrases are not just there to make you look good either. There is a history behind them!

Why Are Orca Wetsuits Valuable?

Orca wetsuits present a lot more than uniformity and appearance for swimmers, triathlon athletes, as well as other water sports activities enthusiasts. Study a lot more concerning the characteristics of the wetsuit and its qualities to provide a lot more than comfort and ease in the course of water

Golf Courses Near Odessa, Florida

There are two public golf courses in the city of Odessa, Florida.playing golf image by Joann Cooper from Fotolia.comThe city of Odessa, located off the Suncoast Parkway just north of Tampa, Florida, offers a suburban escape from the hustle and bustle of Tampa. Odessa has two public golf...

Andre Agassi Announces Retirement

Arguably one of the most recognizable figures in the world of professional tennis, player Andre Agassi has announced that he will be retiring from the sport after the 2006 U.S. Open. Currently aged 36, Andre's tennis career has spanned 20 years. His career was a long-lasting one that saw him pl

What Metals Are Crossbows Made of?

The modern crossbow has developed over the last few decades from a wooden and rope machine into a complex mixture of metals and composites. Its noiseless, accurate and deadly abilities have made the crossbow a favorite among hunters and sportsmen alike. In their quest to create a faster, more accura

Good Ab Exercises - Learn the Secrets to Ab Exercises

Abdominal muscle exercises are some of the most searched for exercises across the internet each and every day. Millions of people are constantly wondering how to get that flat stomach with great looking six pack abs. In this article, I want to tell you where to find good ab exercises and also about

White Water Rafting - Not For The Faint Of Heart

White water rafting is an adventure sport in which a raft is used to navigate a river or any water body. It is usually done on rapids or white water to keep up the excitement. A river goes through different gradients and flows from a higher gradient to lower gradient. When the river’s gradient

S Scale Model Trains

The S-scale, known also as the S-gauge, for model trains is designed on the ratio of 1:64 [that is, 3/16 inches = 1 foot] and fits between the popular HO and O model train scales. It met the demands for a scale which was larger than HO [which was considered too small by many model railroaders] but s

5 Best Football Pundits

With more televised football than ever before, the role of pundits is increasingly under the spotlight. Just as people like to see football change, punditry has now become something of an art - with an emphasis on more personable and interactive analysis.

Telemark Ski Tips

Telemark skiing is very graceful when done properly.telemark skier image by Mike & Valerie Miller from Fotolia.comTelemark or free-heel skiing involves skiing downhill with the heel of the boot free. While telemark skiing is best known for the telemark turn, which drops the rear knee...

How to Do the Vaudeville Hop Line Dance

Line dancing consists of performing specific steps while lined up side to side in rows. Commonly associated with country music, line dancing has evolved to include inspiration from all kinds of music and dances. The vaudeville hop line dancing step is composed of four distinct movements on a count o

Video: Abdominal Exercises: Advanced Reverse Curls

Video Transcript Advanced reverse curls should only be done for those who don't have any limitations of their low back. So you've mastered just practicing your basic where you're driving that energy right through the top of the ceiling, then you've worked with adding in a crunch and a...