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Regional Banks: Outlook Still Uncertain

Though sentiment towards the financial sector has improved significantly since early March, many banks continue to face significant headwinds. This can be seen in the ongoing cuts to profit forecasts. During the past 4 weeks, ...

Nokia - A Lesson to be Learned

Do any of you remember, when people were selling Nokia Corp. like crazy? This happened about 2 years ago. The stock was at 22 and within 4 months it was down to 12. You were hearing in the news that Nokia was losing market share in Europe. Their style of hand phones was outdated. SELL, SELL.

How Do I Sell Stock?

Selling stock doesn't have to be intimidating. Whether you want to sell stock to reinvest the profit or to cash out unwanted stock options and spend the money, you can easily complete the transaction yourself online or with the help of a broker or other investment specialist.

Online Stock Market Trading - As Easy As Pie

The internet has opened a new world to everyone interested in the stock market. Online stock market trading has changed the average investor's involvement in trading their stocks. The availability of company information is widespread and easily attainable over the internet. No longer is it nece

High Yield Bond Fund Performance

Like people with poor credit ratings, companies with shaky finances have to pay a higher interest rate. And just like people who are able to repair their credit ratings, companies are sometimes able to get higher bond ratings so they can reduce their interest costs. Prices of high-yield bonds tend t

Day Trading Options and Taxes

In most cases, professional day trading qualifies as a business for tax purposes. If you fall under the IRS guidelines for professional trading, you receive a tax status that can result in favorable tax treatment of capital gains and losses sustained when trading and writing stock options. Vigilant

Case Study - Nancy's Million Dollar Marvel

Nancy Stanley cares about helping other people, especially those who have nowhere else to turn. In fact, she helped start Mercy Medical Clinic to provide free medical services to people in need in the Vidalia, GA area.

Live Stock Market Report: Fundamental Analysis on the Stock Market

Almost every way, technique, and formula, that speculators and investors use in the stock market can be divided into two main categories of analysis: the fundamental analysis and the technical analysis. Live Stock Market Report: In technical analysis is the fashion in which speculators, brokers, and

How to Exercise Non Qualified Stock Options

Non-qualified stock options are a type of compensation offered by your company that allows you to buy stock at a price that is originally set to market value or above. If the market goes up--and the price of the stock increases beyond what you would pay for your non-qualified shares, then you can pa

A Look At Some Important Stock Market Basics

Investment beginners can be confused as to where to invest their money because of the sheer size of the stock market. It appears to many people as a huge amount of options without any clarity to direct them in the investing process. Education is definitely the way to go when trying to understand wha

Evaluation II

As I said in Part I everyone in the insane asylum looks normal, but at least the doctors are sane. Unfortunately, in the insane asylum known as the stock market all the doctors (brokers) are also insane.

The Basics of Dividends

What exactly are dividends? You've heard that you can make money by investing in companies that pay dividends, but how does that work?

Technical Analysis Trading - How the Market Can Show You Your Next Move

These days, the people who've managed to save some of their hard earned money, and keep it safe from the recent economic crises, are looking for a way to make their funds work double time to grow to even greater amounts. Financial experts have been saying for years that people need to save mone

Fixed Income Arbitrage Strategy

Fixed income instruments are bonds and various debt securities that pay interest. Fixed income arbitrage is the category of buying and selling strategies that use "spread trades" on financial debt to benefit from pricing inefficiencies without regard to overall market direction. A spread trade is a

Should We Take Our Money Out of Index Funds?

Index funds are a low-cost alternative to managed mutual funds. While managed mutual funds pay money managers to find the best stocks, index funds simply buy and hold all the stocks in a given index. But while owning index funds can be a smart move, it is important to review your holdings from time