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Off Road Adventure Tours in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place to experience through off-road activities.thailand image by momesso from Fotolia.comThailand is a richly diverse country, with beautiful lush landscapes and tropical climates. The various natural landscapes are perfect for off-road adventures, whether you...

India Airlines History

According to the Funding Universe website, the Indian Airlines Corporation was established in 1953 when the Indian Government took control of India's commercial airspace, merging Air India with 6 smaller airlines.

The History of Wai Khru

Wai khru is a ceremony that began in Thailand. It is a tradition that Thai students use the Wai khru ritual to give respect to their teachers. The ceremony, which is held at the beginning of the school year, has long been part of Thailand's history.

How to Travel to Mirik, India

If it's peace and quiet you seek, in a place seemingly made for meditative contemplation and surrounded by the unspoiled excesses of nature, Mirik may be just the destination you've been looking for. Hidden in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal, India, this tranquil little town serves as both a

How to Find South Korean Cities & Postal Codes

South Korea is a small, but densely-populated country in Eastern Asia. Located south of China and west of Japan, it is home to many large cities, and a great deal of beautiful scenery. Many Americans travel to Korea to teach English, or to work with the many International corporations that are based

Sri Lanka Child Friendly Hotels

Elephants drinking and playing in Sri Lankaelephant image by Ahmed Zahir from Fotolia.comAccording to the 2010 New York Times travel article, "31 Places to Go in 2010," Sri Lanka is at the top of the list. For kids who love animals, Sri Lanka turns their world into a 24-hour zoo. The...

Simizu Island - El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

South of Miniloc Island, Simizu Island and its compact white-sand beach is a picnic favorite for both locals and tourists. The corals around Simizu are healthy for now, providing a nice home for a good variety of marine life. The beach is surrounded by limestone outcrops, and a limestone islet sits

China Travel & Currency

While some establishments in larger Chinese cities accept U.S. currency, not every business will. Prepare by getting some local money at your bank or the nearest currency exchange before you travel to China and Hong Kong.

Cha-am Hotels and Resorts

Cha-am, Hua Hin's quieter, more convenient neighbor to the north, isn't as packed full of hotels, resorts and guest houses as other beach areas in Thailand, but it does have a good selection of places to stay. Because it's a little less popular than Hua Hin, it's usually a little

List of Hotels in Sri Lanka

Negombo Beach attracts tourists from around the world.Negombo beach Sri-Lanka image by John Hofboer from Fotolia.comThe island country of Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean. With its white, palm-fringed beaches, it is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world. The...

Hotels in the Huangshan Mountains

The Huangshan Mountains in China are a major tourist destination, making hotels easy to find.Monts Huang Shan dans la brume, Chine image by Bruno Bernier from Fotolia.comThe Huangshan Mountains in eastern China are a UNESCO World Heritage sight and a major tourist destination. The...

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah, Borneo. Read about camping, diving, and visiting the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park close to Kota Kinabalu.

International Hotels in Changwon, South Korea

Changwon, South Korea, has several international hotels with excellent accommodations.korea image by andrea de benedittis from Fotolia.comSouth Korea is fast becoming known as an international destination for business and pleasure. Whether you plan on traveling to experience the country's...