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How to Make Camp Fire Starters Using Parafin Wax

Paraffin wax is very combustible. It is found in many manufactured fire starters on the market. However, it is relatively simple to make home made paraffin based fire starters with a little know how and a few simple components. Making the fire starters is a project which is best done out of doors wh

History Of The Coleman Northstar Lantern

At the turn of the last century Mr W C Coleman worked as a salesman selling typewriters, on a visit to one of his clients he spotted a lantern that used gasoline instead of the ...

Camping on the Oregon Coast

As far as Oregon Coast camping goes, you can't beat it! I have been camping at the coast for many, many years. I don't think I want to tell you how many years but it has been a lot.

summer camp

A place where kids go to enjoy supervised recreation.

Campers and Diesel Heating

Diesel heaters are catching on as a favourite heater amongst campers these days. They are efficient, the fuel source is easily transported and they make it possible for campers to head off the beaten trail and camp in places where there is no electricity or alternative energy sources.

How to Winterize Campers and Trailers

Unless you live in a warmer climate like the southernmost United States, it is necessary to winterize your camper or trailer each year when the temperatures start dropping. Freezing weather can crack or break camper pipes, causing unseen damage that will have to be repaired when springtime rolls aro

Tips For Family Camping at Disney World

Are you planning your next family camping trip to Florida to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse? It is difficult to find economical ways to travel with a family. Especially, if one is on a limited budget. Therefore, explore your options of planning a camping trip instead.

Camping Dartmoor

Dartmoor offers a great escape from the modern world. This National Park offers open access across its peaty moorland and granite tors. Wild camping is permitted here, with just the Dartmoor ponies for company. Enjoy horse riding, fishing, kayaking and mountain biking or learn about Dartmoor letterb

How to Repair a Pop Up Tent Canvas

The canvas used to make pop-up wall tents or pop-up tent trailers is a durable, water resistant fabric, but that does not mean it is indestructible. Like any fabric, canvas is prone to fraying around the edges of the pop-up frame. It can also rot through poor care, or be burnt, torn or punctured in

How to Backpack With Dogs in Oregon & Washington

The Pacific Northwest has a great deal of scenic natural lands to enjoy by backpacking. You can hike on the famous 40-mile National Recreation Trail, which can take around four of five days to hike through the Rogue River Canyon. You can hike one of the many trails through Hells Canyon National Recr

What Is The Basic Camping Gear?

Everybody has their own idea of fun and relaxation and when it comes to taking time out. Dome fly out to exotic foreign locales, some plan trips to breathtaking beach resorts and spas, some may just stay back at home and relax. There are quite a few with the adventurous streak who may decide to head