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Cuba Vacations From Calgary, Canada

Calgary International Airport offers numerous flights to Cuba annually.calgary image by Falk from Fotolia.comVacation packages from Canada to Cuba are available through a number of vacation sites and travel agencies. The two cities in Cuba tourists like to visit most frequently are Havana...

NYC Cruises to the Bahamas

Typical Bahama sight from a cruise ship.bahamas image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comThe Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line sail from the New York Cruise Terminal at 12th Avenue to Nassau, The Bahamas. Royal Caribbean International sails from Bayonne, N.J., close to Newark...

Bahamas Tourism Information

Surrounded by pristine green-blue water and white sand beaches are the group of islands that make up the Bahamas. Visitors will find a multitude of water and land activities as well as luxury resorts and adventures to choose from while enjoying fun in the sun.

Boardwalk Vacation Retreat in Aruba

Aruba is a 77-square-mile honeymoon and romance destination in the Dutch Caribbean. First visited by the Spanish around 1499, it is best known for its perfect beaches, local cuisine, friendly nightlife and music, including salsa, reggaeton, meringue and tumba.

How to Visit Barbados

Whoever thought of the phrase "island paradise" must have seen Barbados. With miles of peerless beaches, mountains and dense rain forest, Barbados' natural beauty is awe inspiring. Add to that numerous outdoor activities for the adventurous, historic attractions, top-notch hotels, bars and restauran

Exotic Caribbean Cruises

Exotic Caribbean cruises have non-island port of calls in Central America.cruise ship image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comGone are the days where every Caribbean cruise destination was an island. Cruise lines have added exotic ports of call to their Caribbean cruises to offer more...

Christian Vacations for Singles

While many individuals enjoy traveling with another person in order to share their experiences and memories gained from the trip, Christian singles are able to travel with other like-minded Christians while becoming closer to God through their journeys. The trips need not be lonely, as there are man

How to Travel to Cuba From the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is famous for its all-inclusive resorts without the constant buzz and frenetic pace of Cancun or Miami, which makes it a perfect getaway for families and couples. On the other hand, Cuba is controversial and a bit conflicted but it is a country like no other. Colorful, rhythmi

What Are the Benefits of Tourism in the Caribbean?

As one of the most popular exotic destinations within easy reach of the United States, the Caribbean islands have been transformed from obscure dots on a map that gain attention only when a hurricane strikes to vacation paradises, complete with world-class dining and resorts. Too much of a good thin

Can Teachers Travel to Cuba?

Teachers can travel to Cuba through a variety of humanitarian and educational associations. Most of the excursions are organized in Canada, and often include teachers from the United States.

Hotels, Resorts & Cabins in Crown Point, Tobago

Crown Point is located in the southwestern corner of Tobago.trinidad et tobago image by pandore from Fotolia.comCrown Point is a small seaside town on the far southwest point of Tobago--an island in the West Indies. Visitors appreciate the area's quiet, tropical location. Is is more...

Cuba Tourism Facts

Cuba is comprised of multiple islands in an archipelago located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. While political conflict restricts tourism by U.S. citizens, Cuba is a tourist destination for the adventurous and island-loving people from around the world.

Boutique Hotels in the Bahamas

For travelers who want something more than a cookie-cutter room or hotel, boutique hotels offer a special flair of individuality. As a rule of thumb, these properties run smaller than the average hotel, catering to personal needs and offering a bit of personality in style. Vacationers...

Caribbean Eastern Cruises

Eastern Caribbean Cruisescruise ship image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comCruises are a way to travel to a variety of destinations while relaxing and enjoying entertainment at sea. Whether you are wanting a cruise with the whole family or a romantic excursion, there are many options...

Hotels With Bungalows in Jamaica

Watch the sunset in Jamaica.Jamaican sunset image by adiesel from Fotolia.comIf you want a change from a standard guest room in Jamaica, you might enjoy a stay in a bungalow. Vacationers receive the amenities of a traditional room, but with more privacy. It is your personal miniature home...

Jamaica Employment Laws

There are 2.6 million people living in Jamaica. Nearly 1.1 million are active in the workforce. Most Jamaican employees work in either the services or agricultural industry. The Jamaican government regulates employment in the country with various laws. These laws are maintained and enforced by the J

Elegant Resorts in Jamaica

Jamaica's elegant resorts are set along beautiful island sceneryJamaican Dusk image by rosierags from Fotolia.comJamaica is an island in the Atlantic Ocean located just south of Cuba. The country's picturesque scenery and elegant resorts attract millions of visitors each year. The...

Cheap Hotels in Negril, Jamaica

private beach image by Marc Grandmaison from Fotolia.comNegril's rugged terrain and cliffs coupled with the miles of pristine white sand beaches makes for a contrast that isn't seen anywhere else on the island. The hippies and surfers kept Engrail a secret, but over the years this secret...

Intimate Jamaica Vacations

Situated in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a prime romantic vacation spot.Jamaican sunset image by adiesel from Fotolia.comSurrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean, Jamaica has developed itself as a popular spot for honeymooners and couples looking to relax. The island is home to a...

How to Travel to Holguin, Cuba

Holguin is a Cuban Province bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in the South Eastern horn. It is La Tunas on the West, Granma and Santiago de Cuba on the South and Guantanamo to the East. It is about 65 Kilometers from the Frank Pais International Airport in the Municipio (provincial division) of Fra