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How to Build Homemade Hunting Tree Stands

Building a tree stand for hunting is a rewarding weekend project, and it doesn't have to cost a lot for materials. If you often build projects at home, you likely have most or all of the materials you need in your scrap pile. The elevated position of a tree stand makes it easier to spot deer and ot

Deer Hunting Preserve in Canton, Illinois

Canton, Illinois has two deer hunting preserves. Spoon River Woodlands offers more than 1,600 acres of hunting land, while Trophy Ridge Ranch has a 130-acre deer habitat.

What to Plant in a Deer Food Plot

To bring deer into your hunting area or a place where you can view them regularly, a good option is a food plot. The time you can commit to the upkeep of the food plot and the available food that is natural in the area will help you determine what to plant. You will also want to consider if your goa

How to Clean a Wild Hog

Wild hogs, sometimes referred to as wild boar, are native to Europe, Africa and Asia, and have become an established species in North America. Wild hogs can be legally hunted in most parts of the world, and are killed for their tusks, hide and meat. A wild hog must be properly cleaned before it can

The Barrel Tried to Get Away!

Rebarreling a Savage 110 Rifle from 30-06 to 338-06. This is usually an easy thing to do. In my case, there was a bit more work to do because I cut the barrel down from its original 24-inch length to a more convenient 20 inches. I also had to enlarge the barrel channel in the stock. Follow along wit

Spring Turkey Calling Techniques

Turkey hunting is one of the trickiest forms of hunting, due to the intelligence of the bird, natural cautiousness, and the bird's highly developed senses. Due to the challenge, there's nothing quite like bagging that big old gobbler on a fresh spring morning. Calling is an essential technique when

How High Should a Ladder Stand Be for Deer Hunting?

A ladder stand conceals the hunter from deer.deer image by Joan Stanton from Fotolia.com15 feet highLadder stands allow hunters to hunt from high elevations and better conceal themselves from deer. A 15-foot ladder stand gives adequate height to conceal the hunter from deer and provides a...

First Application of Perma Fin

Home Gun Refinishing - Refinishing a Winchester Model 94 30-30 rifle (carbine) at home, using Birchwood-Casey Perma Fin.

Hog Hunting in the Midwest

Wild hogs are large and dangerous animals. In the Midwest, they hide in thickets from humans and any other dangers. Hunting wild hogs helps control the population and provides big-game hunting excitement for hunters.

How to Set a Rabbit Trap

Understanding how to set up a rabbit trap is very important if you are ever stranded and need a way to catch food, or if you are hunting and want to catch your own food. The simplest way to catch a rabbit without weapons is by building a noose trap, or a rabbit snare. This procedure is simple to set

How to Make a Homemade Squirrel Call

Squirrels are chatty animals. Ask anyone who spends time around the rodents and they tell of rapid fire chattering and staccato calls coming from the critters. A good squirrel call is one that creates a fast and repeating click. Two quarters clicking together in rapid fire action is a good starting

How to Deer Hunt in Mass

Although Massachusetts is a small state, it supports a deer population large enough for several deer-hunting seasons throughout the year. Deer in Massachusetts may be hunted with a bow and arrow or shotgun during specified times and with an appropriate license.

Duck Hunting in East Texas

In east Texas, duck hunters must follow the hunting regulations of the North Duck Zone and the South Duck Zone, two of three statewide duck hunting areas designated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The Best Time to Fish for Muskies

Fishing for muskies is challenging and rewarding if you are lucky enough to land one. When fishing for muskies, it is important to fish during the season when the fish are most active. The most common methods used to catch muskies are trolling and casting.

Illinois Deer Hunting Permits

Illinois deer hunting permits, for Illinois residents, are fairly inexpensive and easy to obtain. Illinois nonresidents can obtain deer hunting permits at a higher cost, and a more lengthy process. Hunters obtaining permits in Illinois will be allowed to harvest a maximum of two antlered or male whi

How to Hunt Deer in Fredericksburg, Texas

Central Texas and the Fredericksburg area in general provide some spectacular vistas and prime deer habitat. Though the area receives relatively little rain compared with the rest of the state, cover and forage are abundant. Additionally, the presence of farm and ranch land along with the stock pond

Tips on Making Good Food Plots for Deer Hunting

Making a good deer plot is a science that requires effort from the hunter and the combination of foods that are attractive to a deer throughout the year. Luckily, having a good plot can have great results with a healthy and plentiful amount of targets. You may have to spend some time being a farme

Review of the Perfect Bungee Cord

Polyurethane bungees made in USA with lifetime guarantee. They're the best bungee cords I've found, and should last a long time.

How to Make Homemade Snares & Traps

Making homemade snares and animal traps is an excellent wilderness skill to possess if you are procuring food in the wild. It might also help rid your home or garden of pesky animals. The key to capturing animals in snares or traps is location. Traps work best when placed outside an animal's den, or