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How Do Dirigibles Control Altitude?

A dirigible is a powered vehicle that floats and and can be steered, as opposed to balloons that go where the wind takes them. Examples of dirigibles, also known as airships, are blimps and zeppelins. To fly, airships are filled with a gas that is lighter than air such as helium or hydrogen. The pri

Travel Insurance Over 65 News Blog

We created a travel insurance over 65 news blog for all senior citizens who want to know more about this great offer. We are all entitled to enjoy our lives. And we all know that ...

AA Breakdown Travel Insurance

AA Breakdown Cover insurance is provided by AA Travel Insurance. Anyone who has ever taken a holiday with an automobile knows well the risk and frustration incurred if you should happen to have an accident or any kind of engine failure. Imagine being in a community hundreds of miles from home and su

Staying Relaxed While Travelling With Children

One of the main reasons families may hold back from planning the ultimate holiday experience is the stress or anxiety that comes along with it. However, it can be just as simple to ensure everyone ...

Participation in Adult Athletic Programs

Playing a sport now is not the same as when you played in high school. You might not run as fast as you did during your Most Valuable Player glory days. You might get tired ...

Emergency Medical Insurance For Visitors, Travellers and Tourists

Some people travel for pleasure, others travel for business, and then there are those who go to another country for an extended period of time working, or perhaps to study. Returning Canadians who may not be immediately eligible for the government medical plan or those newly arrived in the country s

Travel Insurance Plans Are a Lucky Charm Indeed

Some people consider buying travel insurance every time they go on board a plane as a sign of some sort of lucky charm. Nevertheless, the good thing about insurance packages today is that they offer benefits to those who travel and would-be travelers both on air and on land. This insurance doesn&apo

Adventure Travel Insurance - Is it Worth It?

You love adventuring on your holidays.However, what if you get hurt?Does your insurance cover you for injuries that could potentially occur?What about cover for disruptions to your adventure?Below are some reasons why purchasing travel insurance is a good idea.

Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Blood-sucking bed bugs can attack anytime. They are attracted to body heat, blood and your breath, not dirt and grime. Climbing onto your face and skin as you sleep, they pierce you with two hollow tubes, causing swollen and itchy welts. In some cases, extreme allergic reactions have occurred, resul

How to Repair a Leaky Camper Roof

The age of a motor home and nature can play havoc on the roof of an RV. Whether deterioration from the suns ultra violet rays or nicks and scratches from low hanging branches, it all has to be repaired. Minor problems can result in leaks which ultimately causes major damage to the RV's interior. Whe

Travel Health Solutions

When traveling to different countries, tourists sometimes face various health problems. Often, these bouts of illness are a result of long travel hours, unfamiliar foods, germs in airplanes and stress on the body. Because you won't have access to your regular doctor--and if you are traveling in remo

Travel Insurance - A Gift to Your Travelling Kids

Statistics gathered from various surveys and sources around the world are published all the time and, worryingly, they continue to show that a large percentage of people still take risks by going on overseas trips without travel insurance. A lot of the uninsured are young people - the very ones who