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How to visit mayan ruins near Cancun

Near Cancun,Mexico there are three main mayan ruins that you can visit:Chichen Itza,Coba and Tulum.Here are a few tips on how you can do this the best way:

Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires

There are many Spanish schools in Buenos Aires, each a little different. This article gives insight into the per hour cost, special activities, class sizes, and vibe of schools in their own words. Find out which Spanish language school is right for you.

Hotels in Salto, Uruguay

Salto is home to several hotels.nice hotel room image by Ritu Jethani from Fotolia.comSalto is located in the Spanish-speaking South American nation of Uruguay. It is a large city that is part of the Salto Department, for which it serves as the capital. Salto is situated on the Uruguay...

The Best Cheap Hotels in Oslo, Norway

There are great budget and value hotels and accommodation in Oslo, Norway, but many travelers don't know about them. Finding Oslo's best cheap hotels is easy using this travel oriented Oslo hotel list.

How to Get an Axe in Entrana

The Entrana Dungeon is located on the island of Entrana in the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game "Runescape." Access to the island and the dungeon is restricted to paying Runescape members. The Entrana Dungeon is a key location in the Lost City quest, and contains the Axe item you need

Guyana for Visitors

Lush Guyana is an adventure waiting to be explored. Enjoy the Dutch and English colonial feel to Georgetown, the tropical rain forest, dense river systems and exotic wildlife in the only English speaking country in South America.

Hotel Mitru in Tupiza, Bolivia

The Hotel Mitru is a small family hotel that has been run by its owners for more than 50 years in the center of the city of Tupiza, known as the "Joya Bella" or "Beautifiul Jewel" of Bolivia. Both the city and the hotel exude a charm that makes guests want to settle in for a while. The Mitru family

Construction Detail of Humahuaca's Cabildo

Enjoy the highlights of Jujuy in Argentina's northwestern Andean region, then tour the vividly colored Hill of Seven Colors at Purnamarca, the archaeological sites of Pukara de Tilcara and Santa Rosa de Tastil, and the scenic Quebrada de Humahuaca.

The Physical Characteristics of Amazon Rainforests

The Amazon rainforest contains plants and animals found in no other area.Adalberto Rios Lanz/Sexto Sol/Photodisc/Getty ImagesThe Amazon rainforest spans nine South American countries. The rainforest, fed by the Amazon River, is an ecologically diverse area of the planet, providing...

Plazoleta Islas Malvinas

On Beagle Channel, surrounded by water, sky and mountains, Ushuaia calls itself the End of the World. As the closest city to Antarctica, the city is a hub for Antartic touring and navigating the Strait of Magellan. Cruise ships dock here for a quick onshore visit.

Salta, Argentina: Tren a los Nubes

Salta, the capital of the province of Salta, is a colonial city, built in an area already in use long before the Spaniards arrived. This northwestern region of Argentina witnessed the beginnings of permanent agricultural civilization by several tribes, including the Diaguita who successfully kept th

In the Footsteps of the Conquistadors

Ariana Svenson of Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists takes us with her on an expedition to Vilcabamba, legendary last fortress of the vanquised Inca nation. The journey is replete with surpising twists and turns and a glimpse into the life of an average Peruvian.

Top 5 Popular Cities in Colombia

These popular cities highlight two of Colombia's most scenic areas, the coasts on the Pacific and the Caribbean, and the Andes. Colonial charm, modern cities and beach resorts with access to archeological ruins add to visitor's delight.

Sewell, Chile: Cancha Agua Dulce in 1940

Sewell, also known as El Teniente, or the Lieutenant, is the site of the largest underground copper mine in the world. Today, workers at the mine and the administrative areas commute by car from the bottom of the mountain, but for many years, Sewell was accessible only by narrow gauge railroad. Sewe

Cuzco, Peru: Coricancha Ruins within Santo Domingo Church

The capital of the Inca Empire, Cuzco combines the ancient city, the colonial additions and the modern buildings and amenities in a splendid reflection of culture and tradition of the sophisticated Incan civilization. The ancient plaza was the core of the suyos, the Four Regions of the Inca Empire r