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How do I Schedule and Plan Train Trips?

Riding a train can excite a sense of 19th-century romanticism. Images come to mind of billowing black smoke rising to the air as the train rounds a bend on a hilly stretch of windswept prairie. Traveling by train today is less of an adventure than in days long past, though this type of travel can st

How to Buy a Train Ticket

Trains can be a great way to get where you need to go. With rails all over the country, almost every major city will have a couple stations. Depending on where you plan to go, trains are also great for scenic trips as some of the countryside around the rails can be very beautiful. In 1971, the gover

How to Take a Train From Paris to Germany

Train travel is one of the major benefits of visiting or living in European cities such as Paris, France. Compared to air travel, travel by train includes more space, easier boarding, no security lines and far less preparation. If you want to travel from Paris to Germany, trains leave on a regular b

How to Build a Railroad Tie Bridge

A stream, drainage ditch or other dip in the ground can present a problem for ATV trails, paths for nature walks and bike or horseback riding trails. A simple solution to the problem is a stringer bridge made from salvaged railroad ties. Building a bridge from railroad ties does not necessarily take

Dry Ice Tips & Tricks for Camping

The temperature of dry ice is -110 degrees Fahrenheit; it is nothing more than frozen carbon dioxide. Dry ice on a camping trip can last a long time, keeping food frozen or cold, retarding food spoilage. Grocery stores typically stock dry ice in various sizes. Packing the cooler first and picking up

Definition of Ground Shipping

Individuals and businesses ship millions of packages every day in the United States. Ground shipping, also referred to as freight shipping, is generally the most popular method of moving those packages.

American Train Vacations

Travel by rail is another option for summer vacationers.train platform image by Karin Lau from Fotolia.comThe American tradition of the summer road trip can easily be translated to trains. Families, couples and friends alike can enjoy a variety of routes across regions or the whole of the...

How to Buy a Japanese Rail Pass

A Japan Rail Pass is a useful way to save time and money if you are traveling about Japan by train. Inter-city trains in Japan can be expensive, and a pass can save you money if you make more than one return journey in a short period of time. A pass also cuts out the hassle of buying tickets for eac

How to Help Children Adjust to Leaving a Homestay

Many travellers, in particular youth, partake in homestays while visiting new locations. Families will open up their homes to visitors, supplying them with a safe place to stay while in the area. Many young people feel more comfortable taking part in a homestay, instead of having to worry about hote

Hotels in Bucuresti

Bucuresti (Bucharest) is located in the south of Romania and is home to the country's most important museums and of the second-biggest building of the world, the Palace of Parliament. A mixture of communist gray housing blocks, baroque-style palaces and 21st century office buildings, Bucuresti is a

Winter Train Vacations

Train vacations are growing in popularity.Trains image by Lochinvar Sturdy from Fotolia.comNot everyone's dream vacation takes place in a tropical, beachfront location. Some people dream of vacationing on a train, in the middle of winter watching the scenery of different country...

Train Trips in Africa

See Africa by train.train image by cherie from Fotolia.comAs the world's second largest continent, Africa's multifaceted landscapes provide visitors with a virtually limitless range of activities and sights to see. From the natural majesty of Victoria Falls to the bustling cityscape of...

How to Book Train Tickets Online

Booking train tickets online will help you save the time it takes to pick up a telephone and book tickets with an agent. Often, when you call a train ticket agent, you have to go through automated prompts before you get to talk to an actual person and you'll get placed on hold. If you book train tic

How to Take a Car to France by Train

Traveling by train to France is convenient, easy and safe. You can take your car along for the ride to southern France during the summer season (May-September) on French Motorail. This guarantees you a hassle-free journey by train, with the added convenience of having your own car with you once you

How to Travel From France to Germany

You've enjoyed a memorable visit in France -- touring medieval castles and historic villages, sampling fine French wine; now perhaps you'd like to explore Germany with its splendid cities, fabled Black Forest, and picturesque half-timbered buildings in historic Rothenburg. There are many travel opti

Train Travel in Sicily

The Italian island of Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of nearly 10,000 square miles. It has a well-established rail network, which often makes internal flights unnecessary.

Train Vacations in the Eastern U.S.

Train vacations in the eastern United States stretch from Maine to Florida.train image by cherie from Fotolia.comTouring the eastern United States by train allows travelers to take in the region's scenery and landmarks without the hassle of navigating by car or waiting in baggage...

How to Get to Yankee Stadium From Manhattan

Yankee Stadium is a must-see when visiting New York. Some of baseball’s greatest players played for the Yankees. If you are visiting during baseball season, be sure to visit during a home series so you can watch a game. There are five ways to get to Yankee Stadium from Manhattan.

How to Sleep in an Amtrak Train Seat

Rail travel at one point was the only fast way to travel across the country. Today some people still say that rail travel is the best way to get across the United States. Sleeping in an Amtrak train seat is easier than sleeping in a plane seat. If you are on a long train trip and want to save a litt

How to Travel by Rail

For a fast and economical way to travel, consider the allure of travelling by train. Commuter trains take people from neighboring cities and towns to larger metropolitan areas. Trains in Europe provide travel between countries and trains in the United States provide travel accommodations for short a