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What is Needed For Traveling to London?

When traveling abroad several key documents are needed for entry into the destination country. For some countries, special travel visas and inoculations are required. This is not the case for London, England. Only a few different items are required to enter the country. Most can be acquired fairly e

Seven Corners, Virginia Hotels

Seven Corners is a business district in the greater Washington D.C. area. The district houses several shopping malls, large retail stores, restaurants and office buildings. It is a short three-mile drive to Arlington and another several miles to cross the Potomac and enter the capital city. In addit

Hotels in Ventnor, Isle of Wright

The Isle of Wright lies in the English Channel, just off the southern coast of England. The city of Ventnor is a coastal town located in the island's southern region. Visitors to the city are presented with a variety of luxury hotels dating back over a century.The Royal HotelThe Royal...

Hotels With Swimming Pools in Bath, England

Enhance your visit to historic Bath by staying in a hotel with a swimming pool.bath spa de nuit (angleterre) image by Jerome Dancette from Fotolia.comLocated in Somerset in southwest England, the city of Bath is famous for its beautiful Georgian architecture and historical sites....

Hotels in Powerscourt, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate anchors the community of Powerscourt in County Wicklow.powerscourt gardens, palladian house image by amandare from Fotolia.com12 miles southwest of Dublin, Powerscourt stands near the town of Enniskerry, County Wicklow. Anchored by the Powerscourt Estate, much of the...

Tours in Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange, Ireland, is the location of a passage tomb that was built in 3200 B.C. The Megalithic Passage Tomb covers over 1 acre and is surrounded by 97 kerbstones. During the winter solstice, the kerbstones are lit, creating one of the most sought-out sites in Ireland. As a World...

Where to Go Sightseeing in London

The prospect of vacationing in London may fill your head with visions of tall bearskin hats above the sphinx-like demeanor and scarlet tunics of Buckingham Palace's Coldstream Guards. London, as the United Kingdom's capital, has a history dating back 2,000 years and four World Heritage sites to prov

Hotels in St. Austell, UK

St. Austell combines the ancient with the modernEnglish Village image by Billy from Fotolia.comSaint Austell in the United Kingdom is a meeting point of old and new Cornwall with its narrow ancient streets, small pedestrian areas and the industrial St. Austell Bay that brings many ships...

Hotels in Highmore, SD

Highmore, South Dakota, is a small community in central South Dakota, located at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 14 and South Dakota Highway 47. It is in Hyde County and is located 48 miles east of the state capital, Pierre. The main industries are agriculture and ranching. As of January 2011, the to

The Best Nightclubs in London

London, UKLondon At Night image by Bernhard Hering from Fotolia.comLondon is filled with majestic houses, serene theme parks, marvelous art galleries and rich culture. London is also home to the Royal Family in Buckingham Palace. Other tourist spots like Hampton Court Palace, Tower of...

Beach Hotels in England

Cornwall, England has expansive beaches and historic beachfront hotels.Porthkidney Beach, Cornwall image by salty from Fotolia.comThe English seaside is a popular summer holiday spot and according to the British Resorts and Destinations Association, in 2007 UK residents took more than 26...

Hotels in Wareham, Massachusetts

In 1678 the area now known as Wareham was settled and considered a part of the towns of Rochester and Plymouth. In 1739 it was named Wareham after a town in the county of Dorset, England. Back then, ship building was its main industry. Today, it's visited mainly for its retail attractions along Rout

Hotels in Lytham, United Kingdom

Landmark Lytham Windmilllytham st anns windmill image by Tom Curtis from Fotolia.comLytham is a traditional coastal English village founded in 600 A.D. The town and its neighbor, St. Annes, are commonly known as Lytham St. Annes. Lytham, situated south of Blackpool on the Fylde coast,...

History of Paisley, Scotland

When it comes to Scotland, some places get all the recognition: Edinburgh, Glasgow and, of course, Loch Ness. But how much do you know about Scotland's largest town, Paisley?

Medieval Castle Hotels in Ireland

Castles can be fun and beautiful places to stay in.castle image by Krzysztof Gebarowski from Fotolia.comWhen visiting Ireland, it can be fun to stay in a medieval castle hotel. These hotels are spread throughout Ireland and hold a history that can't be found in very many other parts of...

Range Rover Tours in Scotland

Range Rover tours provide luxury, personal service, and flexibility.suv land rover discovery drives through rain image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.comScotland, the northern part of the United Kingdom, is a popular international tourist destination. With its numerous lakes, 16 islands, and...

Hotels in Lynn, Massachusetts

The city of Lynn, Massachusetts is located just five miles north of Boston. Lynn makes a convenient base for travelers who want to explore Boston. However, it also has plenty of attractions of its own, such as the Nahant Beach Reservation, hiking in the nearby forests, restaurants and art galleries.

Luxurious Hotels in the U.K.

The United Kingdom includes the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.british flag image by Tom Davison from Fotolia.comHome to ancient castles, rugged coastlines and scores of historic landmarks and attractions, the United Kingdom is a veritable goldmine of culture...

How to Find a Post Office in London

If you are a visitor or new resident in London, England, you might initially have difficulty in locating a nearby post office in such a large city. Fortunately, the country's Royal Mail Group postal service operates an interactive Post Office website that can locate the nearest post office. You only

How to Travel to Cornwall, England

Cornwall is Britain's most southwestern county. This rocky peninsula is a popular and romantic vacation destination, featuring beaches, fishing villages, lighthouses, historic castles, and wild moorland. Increasingly, Cornwall is a fashionable destination for "foodies" and surfers. The outdoor Minac