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How to Understand Motorcycle Tire Sizes

At first glance, you may think of a motorcycle tire code as nothing more than a strange jumble of letters and numbers. If you take a closer look, though, you will see a pattern among the chaos. In fact, the motorcycle tire code is designed to tell you everything you need to know about the tire. Sinc

How to Add Batteries to EZ-GO

EZ-GO electric golf carts are limited by the strength of the single battery power source. Though these vehicles are capable of covering long distances on a single charge, they move quite slowly. Learn how to install another battery to your EZ-GO to increase the vehicle's top speed and to prolong its

How to Chip a Honda Computer

The chip inside of your Honda Civic's ECU works as a control center for your car's engine. This chip will regulate air intake, fuel injection, mixture ratios, and many other factors pivotal to your car's operation. With a new chip you will be able to control those levels yourself, in most cases incr

How to Clean the Headlights on a 3000GT

Crystal clear headlights lend an attractive touch to your 3000GT in addition to providing better night visibility. Headlights accumulate dirt and buildup quickly because of their location. Insects, oxidation and road grime can be tough to remove. Clean your headlights with car-wash soap and buff awa

How to Remove a Snake From a Car

Snakes rely on external sources to help control their body temperature; they seek cool and wet places when temperatures are high and warm places -- like cars-- when the weather is colder. If a snake does get into your car, leave your car immediately; leave the door open to allow the snake an exit ro

What Is an Outboard Powerhead?

A powerhead can be found on the outboard motor of a boat; it is more common on small boat than a large one. The outboard motor is a system that propels the boat and helps to guide steering and direction. The powerhead is an integral part of the outboard motor, as it helps to hold all of the parts to

Auto Body Tools for Stainless Steel Trim

Use trim tools to remove damaged windshields.damaged cars image by Stephen Chaplin from Fotolia.comIf you're repairing auto body stainless steel trim, you'll need tools that have certain lengths, special angles and multiple configurations. Front, back and side windshields, side body...