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Are You Really Listening?

Most folks are just starting to dig in again after a relaxing holiday season; leaders are no exception. If, like many of my clients and colleagues, you are always on the lookout for ways to increase your inspirational leadership, this is a good time of year to check yourself out on the key skill tha

Strengthening Self Discipline Time Control

When thinking about the job and become independent entrepreneur to own a business, this means a high degree of self-discipline and commitment. Becoming a business owner when certain habits are not well implemented and developed as needed to have an effective control of time, you can go from being a

Is Courage the Same As Self-Confidence?

Many adolescents have a difficult time to determine the difference between self-confidence and courage. Most adolescents have a difficult time to be both self-confident and courageous. In this article, I will outline how an adolescent can develop both self-confidence and courage.

Selfish or Self-Loving

Are you feeling a lack of fulfilment in your life?Are you fed up with always considering others instead of doing what you want to do?Well read on and learn how to put yourself first.Top tips on being self-loving and stop feeling guilty.

What is The Secret?

The Secret is out. Learn how you can change your life with just one simple tool that you live with every single day. Make your life what you want it to be.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Overcoming challenges and squashing limiting beliefs can be a daily struggle. There is a place in every single person that when tapped into, can change their life in a moment. When we face our fears, we are free. New decisions can bring on new actions and unleash your true potential.

Contentment - The Key to Happiness

You can tell if a person is happy or not by what comes out of their mouth. Proverbs 18:21 says that 'The tongue can bring death or life'. Discontented people are always complaining about something or somebody and the more they focus on how unhappy they are the more unhappy they will become