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How to Send a Message to All Fans on Facebook

If you have a business or website with many fans on Facebook, you may find it difficult to send an announcement to each fan individually. Meantime, Facebook as of June 2011 offers no option for you to send a message to all of your fans simultaneously through the standard messaging system. Facebook c

9 Instagram Tips For Business

In the case that the iPhone isn't a telephone, it still might be an extremely stunning Polaroid. It's an amazing opportunity to place your new iPhone on play and display to your companions! If you ...

How to Change Your Last Sign-In on YouTube

When posting comments on YouTube you'll notice that a small data stamp declaring "# days ago" appears after your submission. This data reflects the date of your last sign-in. Many users may find themselves confused, as YouTube declares while they post that they haven't logged in since a few days bef

How to Lower the Bitrate on a Song Online

Song files in MP3, AAC, OGG and other audio file formats have an audio quality measured in bitrate. Music files with higher bitrates have higher, more detailed audio quality, at the cost of a larger file size. You can lower the bitrate of a song using a number of free, Web-based applications, thereb

How to Stop an Antivirus Scan in Firefox

The Internet exposes you and your computer to many threats. You must approach the problem from all angles, such as using a firewall to block hackers, pop-up blocker to stop annoying adware and antivirus to hunt and destroy Trojans and worms. Software companies usually bundle these features into one

How to Send an Email to All in the Address Book

The "Address Book" is a program that stores all your contacts on your local hard drive. It is called "Windows Contacts" in Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. If you need to send a mass email to all your contacts registered in your address book, you will first need to create groups or mai

Hide Your IP Address With VPN

Great information for internet surfers, the technological innovation that can help you search the web secretly has been found. It has been around for a while, but it has never obtained reputation than